Drone laws explained SIMPLY AND COMPLETELY [2018]


Breaking down how the law is ACTUALLY written, and what you have to do to stay LEGAL. Documents: H.R. 658: FAA-2014-0396:


  1. Great video, fella:^) Lately, I've been seeing a lot of "manned drone" videos. What regulations do they have to follow? Or are they just "winging it?" ( <– see what I did there? (yeah, I'm old) )

  2. I was recently informed by a State park officer here in NJ that If I flew my long range FPV platform from outside the park perimeter over the State park in a safe manner & altitude that there was nothing they could site me for since my flight did not originate from within the park boundaries. I think if you're flight originates from within the park boundaries it is not allowed.

  3. There is a video on YouTube, made by a guy who was on the committee which produced the Part 107 regulations. In that video, he specifically addressed the "Hobbyist must inform the tower of his intent to fly within 5 miles of an airport" question. He said it means just that, they must inform the tower/airport authorities. The hobbyist does not request permission to fly. The airport has no authority to tell the Hobbyist pilot that he cannot fly. That said, if the hobbyist causes a danger or damage to aircraft or personnel, the full force of the law will come down upon him.

  4. Great Video! However, I would highly recommend being a member of the AMA, mostly due to the pilots insurance they provide WITH, your membership! the Ins. covers up to one million dollars for damages if you hit and damage either property, or worse you hurt someone! Now you must be following the AMA's rules when flying in order to receive any insurance claims, as a member for to many years to count, fortunately I've never had incident, but that doesn't mean I won't next time I fly!

    Happy landings and kind regards, mike

  5. So that leads to another question: If I'm building a completely custom racing quad, how do I go about the registration process when all the parts are being replaced?

    I swap out motors, flight controllers and receivers, power distribution boards, transmitters, cameras, and even the frame all the time. The quad I register today will most likely not have any of the same parts on it in 6 months. So am I re-registering my racing quads every 2-6 months because I swapped out the frames for something stronger/lighter and the motors for ones which give more Power to Weight ratio? How does that work?

  6. Here is another question. The Supreme court ruled in United States v. Causby 328 U.S. 256 (1946) that private ownership of the airspace above private property ends around 83', and Landowners own at least as much of the space above the ground as they can occupy or use in connection with the land. Now my question is two fold:

    1) If I own the airspace above my house up to 83' (and have trees that are around 100' tall on my land) would I be required to notify the local airport if I intend to fly in my 'private airspace'.

    2) If I'm flying a Tiny Whoop that has a range of less than 100', in my back yard, but I live 4.8 miles from the airport and have no intentions of even flying over the roof of my house, I would be technically required to call the tower but realistically should I even waste their time?

  7. Also here is a question: if someone is flying an FPV racing quad with an FPV headset, would that still be considered keeping the quad in Line of Sight as the camera in the drone is providing the line of sight of the operator from the drone itself?

  8. Wait…hold up. You said "They maintain the right to tell you not to fly" but that's not true.

    Per the FAA's own website: faa.gov/uas/faqs

    *Can an airport operator object to model aircraft flights near an airport?*
    Yes, an airport operator can object to the proposed use of a model aircraft within five miles of an airport if the proposed activity would endanger the safety of the airspace. *However, the airport operator cannot prohibit or prevent the model aircraft operator from operating within five miles of the airport.* Unsafe flying in spite of the objection of an airport operator may be evidence that the operator was endangering the safety of the National Airspace System. Additionally, the UAS operator must comply with any applicable airspace requirements.

    As ESPN says, "C'MON MAN!"

  9. Nicely done. This wasn't an issue until Congress asked the FAA to modify its commercial use of model aircraft. The first two years was spent over regulating the hell out of toys. It's been 5 years and the FAA is back to telling hobbies to be responsible and follow the AMA rules lol I haven't looked at commercial drone rules lately but they used to require an actual FAA pilots license…for anyone operating a model aircraft. So hopefully they changed that crap.

  10. And don't use your drone to harass people. I have seen youtube vidio's where people have used drones to get some extremely nice video of the countryside.Like Mountains,pretty Country roads and stuff. I would hate for that to go away because of idiots using them to harass folks or spy on sun bathing teenage girls. Drones when used correctly can be good.So please don't abuse them.

  11. I sent an email to the faa about contacting heliports. I’m still very confused. Do I have to try to contact helipads or not. I have 5 helipads within five miles of me. One of them is a grassy area near a hickory hollow restaurant that is never used. Here is my email and their reply.

    2017-11-28 04:12:14 PM EST – Myers, AdamAdditional comments
    I live in Houston Texas and am purchasing a drone for recreational use. I would like to fly over my home as well as my parents home to video them. I looked on the be4ufly app and it appears that almost all of Houston is within five miles of some airport or helipad. Am I not allowed th fly in those areas ? I understand not flying within five miles of a major airport, but if that rule applies to helipads, then there is no place in Houston that is legal to fly.

    2017-11-28 06:37:08 PM EST – McWilliams, JacquelineAdditional comments
    Good Afternoon,
    Unfortunately this is the process that must be followed to gain permission to fly within the 5 mile radius of those locations. You will have to contact each site owner/whomever oversee's these locations to request permission.

    Thank you
    FAA Service Desk


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