Drone Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques | DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial


If you’ve watched my videos before, you’ll know that I love taking landscape images with any camera like my DSLR, mirrorless camera or even my iPhone.


  1. I love your blogs and I particularly enjoyed this one. I have the Mavic pro but use it mainly for video – after this I will use it for stills also. Did not know about the AEB of the system. Thanks for the info
    Here in the USA there are so many restricted areas in the use of the drone

  2. Dear Andrew, I am not use to leave messages. But you deserve one, indeed. Very good tipps, that I’ll for sure keep as golden roules.
    May I ask you a small thing? What if apparently there is no good enough landscape, but you anyway shot some nice pics? Thanks a lot for you reply. Cheers.
    Ps: sorry for my bad english. Be kind with my mistakes.

  3. Great job Andrew. Love the images and broll footage. I have a Mavic Pro but because I live in Canada, the rules about flying it are very restrictive. So much so that you generally can’t fly drones legally in most places. Sigh

  4. Excellent tips, Andrew! Funny I don't use my drone for photography very often. I initially purchased a drone for that purpose but seem to use it more for video. Lovely location!

  5. Great video Andrew, as always very informative and inspirational! I haven't really considered a drone for landscape photography before but this goes a long way to making me interested in purchasing one. I have a D750 with the Nikon 16-35mm and 70-200mm lenses. Especially like your footage from down south as I have recently moved to Busselton and spend most evenings/weekends scouting various locations. Such a great part of of the world for both landscape and seascape images.

  6. Another great episode Andrew, a lot of what you said made sense and I realised I was doing the same thing, I bought my Mavic Pro to do video (shameless plug https://youtu.be/M8xg9eUBsUw) but I now use it more for photography. I've been focusing on my photography a lot more than video recently so that's probably got a lot to do with it. Any chance you can do a video about how you edit the drone video footage?

  7. Great Video Andrew, Do you use filters for your Drone? I need to get my Drone out more love all the different angles you can get with them although i'm a bit of a sucker for the textures in the waves

  8. Great video and nice tips. The only thing you didn’t mention which I feel is really important was about switching to portrait mode and stitching. I would ALWAYS do this. Take you first shot for example…. if you turn to portrait mode then take 2 or 3 shots and stitch them together you overcome the fact the mavic only has a 12mp sensor. You can still bracket each of these shots. When in LR first convert each batch of 5 bracketed shots to HDR then when you have 3 HDR dng’s you stick these together in LR as a pano. This gets you a much higher res image.

  9. Another great video Andrew, is the drone hard to fly?. Your information and explanations are always so clear and precise and really helpful. I always find your work very inspirational and as a fellow West Australian thank you for showing the world our beautiful State.

  10. Great video Andrew with some really helpful tips and insight. A pleasure to watch. You’ve also inspired me to take more drone landscapes. Think I’ll give it a try today. Lovely shots too, that coastline looks like a dream.


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