DRONE HELP – YUNEEC TYPHOON H Camera – White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed


If you are running the Typhoon H firmware from September or October 2016 or later, you’ll notice that the White Balance, ISO and Shutter Speed behave …


  1. Great video and tutorial. I have yet to try shooting in manual setting, been doing auto mode and I always shoot my video in the highest settings and upload everything in 4K. If you have a minute please view one or more of my videos and give me some feedback I would appreciate it. I normally do car videos but recently did some Ocean and coastal videos. https://youtu.be/HtHDT0YBe-I

  2. LOVE IT!… thanks for this video. I think the Typhoon H is more pro than Phantom 4. Phantom 4 is really easy to use, hence not to pro. You need to edit the videos and know what settings to use to get these great looking shots. Good work!.

  3. These tips are helping me out a lot…thank you! Also was wondering who this artist is and what the name of the song for the video you created. Epic!

  4. I used your method today in snow conditions. We never have snow here on the Pacific Ocean. I selected cloudy and locked the white balance. The ISO was set at 100 and the shutter speed was in the high two hundreds. I am very pleased how this turned out because face it, that is a hell of alot of white! Had it not been for this video, I would not had this kind of success. Thank you again! Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBn8laCarkQ

  5. Hi Captain Drone
    Love your work! Keep it up.
    I thought you might be on to a problem that I was having but alas no joy.
    The problem I am having is in the 360° pan. When I pan, camera off, smooth as a babies bum, when I do the same with the camera on it gets the jitters at certain points.
    I tried your idea of locking wb, no joy, thinking it might be trying to auto adjust to the light changes.
    Changed from 4096x2160F25, 4096x2160F24 and 3840x2160F30.
    The jittering on the monitor screen is the same as what is recorded.
    Micro Card is a Scandisk EXtreme Pro 64G 3.
    Just thought you may have come upon this problem.
    John Richardson

  6. Thank you I own a Q500 4k this is the first that explains how to work the Cgo3 camera to get best results ,it took me many posts and very few answers to get some sort of half usesable result compared to my dji, this makes sense , after using this and doing small tweaks in Black Magic Da Vince resolve I am getting awesome end results thanks so much.

  7. Wow that fogbank is every aerial photographers dream. Especially with the sunlight coming in from that side. A real jaw dropper.
    I'll try your tips on my next flights, thanks again, very usefull.


  9. Well, having shutter speed at such high values will give you shitty video experience in many cases (not always).

    Simplest rule – recording video you want to keep shutter speed roughly 1/2xFPS (say, if you are shooting 1080p60 then you might want to have shutter speed somewhere around 1/100-1/150, or if it's 25FPS then 1/50). It's not something that is specific to Typhoon or drones, it's just rule of thumb for videomakers – little read here, for example: http://www.red.com/learn/red-101/shutter-angle-tutorial

    The difference may not be obvious when you are filming slow and relaxed objects like in your example videos, but as soon as you're getting to something more speedy you will immediately see the difference. For example, if you're tracking car or bicycle and focusing on that one fast moving object it will stay sharp all the time (because it is not moving within the frame), while background will be a bit (or not "a bit", depending on your speed) blurred, giving that great "speed" look. If you would use high shutter speed background would also stay sharp and that will give you experience far from enjoyable (the feeling would be as if playback is a bit stuttering)..

    So the way to keep your shutter speed low? ND filters. It's used on cheap, expensive, good and bad cameras exactly for the reason above – to keep shutter speed around desired values.

  10. I have just started to use manual settings on the CGO3+ and have read to try and keep SS a multiple of 2 times FPS, and to use ND filters. To get tp this ratio to prevent jitteriness in movies. Your SS especially greater than . 1/60th. Seem they would. Be subject to to jitteriness. By the way the videos are terrific!

  11. Thanks for the tips, I really love those scenes with the fog rolling in, could be an awesome oppotunity to test the Time Laps feature next time you happen to see that 🙂


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