DRONE HELP – YUNEEC TYPHOON H Camera – Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Exposure, Panorama


A demonstration of all the new camera features for the TYPHOON H are shown in this video. These features are available within the October 28, Yuneec …


  1. hey Steve, on the led marker lights,,
    I have the switch present on my st16 but just sitting on the ground the switch does not seem to shut or do anyting, I responds, but does it have to be in flight to shut those off and ,,,, Im not able to fly at the moment , just wondering

  2. Always enjoy your videos, thank you for work and time.
    Would you recommend moving forward with keeping a purchase from Amazon of the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel Sense for US $685 that is like new but sold as used since it was returned. It’s in perfect shape and have flown it a couple times. This drone is somewhat aged now and with the release of new drone(s) by DJI around the corner I’m not sure I should wait to see what DJI is bringing to the table. I already have a Mavic Pro and Spark from DJI and was thinking the Typhoon H Pro would be a nice addition. The 360 camera with folding landing gear, 6 motors is a nice addition to my drone collection tools. However the lack of good telemetry data about your battery status and when you should return home concerns me. (DJI spoiled me) My first flight all of a sudden I got a red battery icon warming me that the battery is critically low to land immediately. The drone was very close to me so I wanted to land it but I had the Smart Mode on I think and when I pulled down the left joystick it flew away further for me instead of my intended going down to land. Got the drone down safe but it was a bit hairy since I was heading towards trees. Once my learning curve is over I should do much better with controlling the Typhoon H Pro. To keep this bad boy or not is the question:-) The Pro Version included Intel Sense, their case and a total of 2 batteries w/ single charging station.

  3. Just got an H and soon after subscribed to your channel. Great stuff and I'll be back! Thanks for your efforts! And just thought of this question though a bit off the topic. How does one delete photos/videos that are obviously stored in the ST-16?

  4. Filmed on my Yuneec Typhoon H 4K drone to a micro 64gb card. Every LAST film file is unable to open stating that a error has occurred and unable to read this format. Out of 10-13 files, the last file always doesn't play, yet will play on the controller review system Any suggestions

  5. dam, man.. this is pretty cool. way cool… you think you can help me about getting started for camera settings mode?. i know p4 got more superior pre set up for camera. both pictures and video. p4 is more superior but h got all what i need except for camera quality. xD..

  6. Hello Captain Drone,

    I am a new owner and am enjoying the H so far. I have updated the firmware to match all the current versions on the website as of 4/27/2017, but my available photo formats and photo modes are stuck at JPG and Single, respectively. There is no option to select others.

    Any help?????



  7. Captain Drone pucahase typhoon h in dec 2016 have two issues updated firmware on camera did show on st16 first up then dropped of screen, 2nd issue flew H no problems video ok then camera started to spin 360 deg and will not stop any ideas

  8. So exposure and white balance are two separate things? Been watching your videos and trying to learn the camera/video settings. Saw a separate video of yours describing white balance.


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