Drone Flying Tips and Tricks for Beginners | Featuring the MJX Bugs 2W


Buy MJX Bugs 2W on Amazon: As I was reviewing the Bugs 2W I noticed I was mentioning a lot of great tips and tricks for new drone …


  1. Hi, I have 2 of these and 1 of them for no reason just takes off straight up very high, hovers and then lands. It usually happens after about 3 minutes of normal flight and the Bugs is not far from me when this happens. Do you think it's the remote or the bugs? Any ideas would be appreciated. I can't return it to Bandgood.com since they were purchased in November of 2017 as a gift to myself and son. i hope to hear back from you. Ray

  2. hi, i live in urban areas where there are plenty of BTS tower (litterally my neighboorhood is surrounded by BTS), is it wise to fly bear BTS tower eventhough your drone have GPS lock, as i hear that BTS tower can disturb/interfere with drone compas, thx

  3. Hey Jeremy great video as always after watching I bought the same drown love this thing I like to subscribe do me a favour check my channel out give me your opinion definitely subscribe and be a part of the cash giveaway check it out all your videos I think you’re great check me out thanks man

  4. You are soooooo funny I love your lighthearted way of explaining things, thanks a lot for the time you put in on these videos that really do help me fly my drones better!
    Your Friend on Lake Erie,
    Mentor, Ohio
    Jeff Mercer

  5. Jeremy really sorry to bother u but u can probably answer this best please. Was just flying my bugs2w really new good battery on quad and tx. I had 16 locked GPS and 35 feet away and 6 feet from ground my friend he dropped out wth please let me know what u think. Power was still on tx and quad and 16 GPS lock

  6. I have a sky viper V2450 with GPS , now . and im looking to getting one of these bugs in the future . or a good drone in the $300 range. since that's my budget . im getting better . but in time it will be much more fun .


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