Drone Flying Tips – 5 Skills Beginner Pilots Should Master


Learn to fly a drone with the Syma X5C: Teaching a friend to fly a quadcopter? Looking to improve your piloting skills yourself? Does you …


  1. There is a difference between a DRONE and a QUAD COPTER…A quad copter "toy drone" is a basic LOS remote control air craft.
    On the other hand…a real DRONE is far more advanced and need's a whole different set of skill's to OPERATE.
    I am sorry but this does not help first time pilot's when you don't explain the difference between the two type's of machine.
    PS, a quad copter is way easier to fly than any other air craft going by my own experience.
    Just needed to get that off my chest thank's.
    Best of luck.

  2. Purchasing a drone is an exciting feeling and once people get their hands on a drone they canโ€™t control the excitement to get the drone up in the air. While some people have had experience with flying drones in the past that either belonged to their friends or relatives. There are a number of people who purchase a drone and have absolutely no idea how they are going to be able to fly the drone.

    While it is easy to learn how to get your drone up in the air it is important for you to follow certain procedures and steps so that you do not crash the drone. There are also certain laws that you need to obey so that you keep the drones safe and you also protect yourself from getting in trouble with the law.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

    Sourav Basak
    Namaste UI

  3. Good video but would have liked to see a view of controller and drone at the same time. Headless or not, its a hobby and hobbies r meant to be fun weather in headless mode or not…

  4. When I was about to give up on drones,I found a drone that I could fly very easy,a FY 603 Smart egg with altitude hold ,it would Hoover on it own ,then I could slowly stir around ,and it gave me the coincidence ,to fly ,I now have GPS drones and a new optical.flow drone , a Tkkj L603.as soon as I get cooler weather I will fly it .I think for beginners,use these things to help you.

  5. 1st try – auto – up about 3 feet and drifted toward street- I could not get it back or make it land, almost hit by 2 cars , finally came down in yard 2 houses down

    2nd try – manual take off, drifted toward fence, could not get it to auto land – it finally came down – not sure if I caused it or it did it on its own.

    I am not using the cell phone (yet) and did not do a calibration –
    could that cause the problems?

    maybe I just need more experience

    update – 3rd flight much better, learning to control, beginner mode very sensitive to wind

  6. The Syma X5SW is my drone and an AWESOME one for the $$. I paid $40 for it and of course bought extra batteries, props and parts for it for a total of around $100. It comes with a camera which I don't use because I don't have a smart phone but don't care. It has 6 gyros so it hovers like a champ. I've been playing with it in my gameroom and have gotten very good with the controls. It comes with a 500mahr battery but it's not bad. Just a simple $20 upgrade and you get (6) 750mhr batteries with charger so you have endless fun. easy to fly? My god yes. Because of the gyros I can pick up a GI Joe guy off a table with ease. Now the trick is to put it into headless mode for beginners. Just follow the directions. It's a great toy!

  7. I'm watching this as I'm charging the battery for my new drone, it's all assembled and ready to fly once it's done charging. Great video, very informative. I plan to practice some of the maneuvers you showed him as I get to learn my drone.

  8. Shut that crappy noise off you think is music ….it not only makes it harder to hear you, it is annoying! This is a how to fly a drone video….not a music video! Why do so many you tubers think they have to have noise in the background!


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