Drone flying: a short guide


First Person View’s animated guide to the basic rules of flying a drone.


  1. Its unlikely you're going to break privacy laws with a personal camera in a public place (as long as you don't harass them). As an individual, you are allowed to film anyone in a public place, consent or not. There are private properties where you will have to gain permission to film, but if you do so from public property, then you are legally allowed to do continue.

    The most likely infringement that you will encounter is counter 'terrorism' law prohibiting someone from taking pictures that can be used to aid a terrorist. And even then, you're not a terrorist, are you? So you have nothing to worry about.

    The government pays organisations to watch us, recognise our faces, our vehicles, our homes, the lot. Don't be put off when they threaten you with privacy laws.

  2. commercial activity there in lie's a lot of the truth, what's commercial activity got to do with safety???????
    SO someone is going to pay me for flying over his huge fish pond in a huge park of 10,000 meters he owns. Then why do I have to obtain permission then ? Or face criminal prosecution!! CONTROL, thats what its all about. X-47B drone is not interested in public safety is it? That BAD BOY is all about everything else other than public safety!

  3. Manufacturers make drone for fun, someone always makes rules to stop the fun.

    Dont fly within 50 metres of anyone, bull shit, ive had so many people interested and watching me fly, people arent bothered by them, ive had to land close to people and not once has anyone ever said i was dangerous, or worried for their health..

    Unless im over a swimming pool, someones garden , hovering outside thier window or over a military area, i dont see a problem with them. As long as you dont fly like a twat.

    UK Video and photographic law also states that a video/photo can be taken anywhere in a public place WITHOUT the persons concent, as long as the footage or photos arent used for commercial gain. So why would starpping a camera on a drone change the rules? As long as you arent invading on a persons privacy (which is somewhere private).It doesnt matter if i took a video on a pro camera, a drone, a phone, or a webcam. A video is a video.

    Theres always rules to ruin things. Lets home the distance gets shorntend with the growth of them

  4. for anyone flying one of the dji phantoms or any autonomous RC aircraft i recommend setting the maximum altitude to about 120 metres (just under 400ft).  this video steers around it a little by saying keep it within line of sight but that's not gonna mean much to someone with awesome eyesight. also make sure the maximum distance is about 500 metres

  5. 1:16 that pictures gonna be stupidly overexposed with those settings. unless there's something i'm missing here (besides the fact that i'm being extremely obsessive compulsive over something totally irrelevant)

  6. What about a boat anchored with no one on it, is it legal to fly over it with a camera equipped UAV?  If i have to have "control" over it, is this simply asking the owner if i can fly over it or more?


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