Drone Eachine H8 Mini Flight Review


This is the flight review of the Eachine H8 Mini Quadcopter Eachine H8 Mini is available for $13.99 at This quad is designed…


  1. @ RCflyingfun … Make a little notch in the front of the body and pull the antenna off the flight board and extend it out in front of the quad. Pull the antenna out of the body of the controller using the same method. With good fresh batteries in the controller you can go out about 50 yards. It is too powerful for indoors. Also, only get the white quad. Better lights and easier to see. you need to learn to fly nose out and determine orientation by how the quad reacts to your attempted turns. work on that and it is like riding a bike you wont even think about it. This is my favorite quad. I have 6 of them 6 extra batteries. Fly, let cool, change the batteries. Meanwhile fly one of the other ones. I fly them until I get bored. They are a blast and if there were some others who could fly this I would love to do some line of sight racing with it. cheap, fast, good control, and good range after a simple mod.

  2. I lost one of the propellers, and I’m having some problem trying to figure out which of my spares to use. The labeling on the spares are seemingly meaningless. Is there a chart somewhere that explains which propeller goes where?

  3. hi! maybe you can help me. I just bought the drone, but I can't even get it started. When I turn the controller on, the red light flash but I get a kind of intermittent sound. I pull the left trigger up and down and nothing happens. I tried and tried and still nothing.

  4. Can someone help me what does it mean when lights on the drone start to bling fast and it don`t react to any of my commands? I suppose it is due to low battery but in that case it means that my charger don`t work because that problem occurred after an hour charge… And one last question: How the light on the charger behaves while charging and how after the battery is already charged? I`m asking because stuff written in the manual about that is a complete nonsense!

  5. The hell will it bind itself. Left stick up then down. For lazy people like me, leave it up when controller is off. Then it just needs a down after turning on.
    Flip – press right stick then same stick in desired direction.
    One key return – press left stick. Use right stick to control left or right, because it's far from accurate. Do NOT move the right stick up or down – or it will go to headless, see below. Exit with left stick click.
    Headless – press left stick and move right stick up or down. To exit, press left stick again.

  6. Set the quad so the back is towards you. The left front turns cw. The right front turns ccw. The left rear turns ccw. The right rear turns cw. CW = clockwise. CCW = counter clock wise.

  7. hi, I've bought on… but accidentally I remove all blade .. I don't know where to put the blade respectively , can help please..? two blade has the number 3 under .. and the two other there is no number


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