Drone Do’s and Don’ts: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace


Creating drone videos of your holiday or adventure is simple, but there are a few things to consider to get things just right. In this …


  1. As an airline pilot I can confirm, NEVER CHECK YOUR LITHIUM BATTERIES.. ALWAYS CARRY ON. You seriously need to edit this, you're telling people to break the law.

  2. I appreciate the effort that went into making this video but this video contains so many questionable information and practices that this should be either taken down or amended and re-edited. Many of the misinformation have already been listed by many commenters such as recommending checking in LiPO batteries, flying out of Windows, flying over urban areas, batteries all charging at the same time with the hub, etc. Furthermore, it's extra worrisome when newbies come to Adorama for sound advice but only to be misled with unsafe information. They're now leaving here potentially more dangerous than when they first came. So please take this constructive criticism as a suggestion to improve the quality and accuracy of Adorama's content as opposed to anything non-constructive.

  3. My Mavic’s been to CA, NY, Iceland, South Africa, France – always carry-on w/ 4 batteries in special safe bag. Never a problem…maybe bec I’m an geezer 🙂 Aerials on my channel. Thanks for great tips, loved the bird!

  4. I just traveled to Europe and I had the batteries in individual flameproof cases. No problems. I put it with my laptop. The batteries were in their little cases which they were fine with. That was Spain and France and US. Oct 2018. I had no unprotected battery.

  5. Hi Mark
    Very interesting – I've discovered most of it the hard way over the last 7 or 8 months. Traveling from South Africa to Australia in December so some good tips there too!
    They now make a battery case for the Mavick Pro 4 batteries which some airlines would insist on. I've tried a movie or two (may be on YouTube) but must still add a mon=vie clip section to my website – http://www.africanpix.com.  
    I'll watch out for more of your stuff.

  6. Any Lithium batteries MUST be in carry on luggage – they cannot be checked. TSA page here with links to FAA regs. I've never had an issue (other than general curiosity) flying internationally with my Mavic Pro. I discharge batteries down to 30%-50% and pack them individually in "Lipo Safe" bags, I feel that individual bags are better than one big bag as if an event should occur, it won't spread to the other batteries. Note that the Mavic Pro bags in the link below also fit the Mavic 2 which has slightly larger batteries.

    TSA page: https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/lithium-batteries-more-100-watt-hours

    Amazon link for battery bags: https://www.amazon.com/Beyondsky-Resistant-Explosionproof-Charging-Portable/dp/B071HJXZMX/ref=sr_1_4?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1539002271&sr=1-4&keywords=lipo+battery+safe+bag+mavic

  7. Hi Mark. Can you tell me when you were in Budapest?
    As I would love to drone but have heard on the forums that you can't – and that they really like them coming back through security in the airport.
    PS: Love the advice of 'Hold your shot!'

  8. Haha. Crazy. And don't fly your drone out of your balcony–unless you know how to properly control and get the sensors out of the way. And don't fly anywhere near a building unless you have the propeller guards, because if you hit your propellers on to a building, it will generally crash to the concrete floor.

  9. I've taken my mavic air and all my batteries with me a couple times in my carry-on backpack with no problem at all. If batteries were a problem, then laptops and phones would be a problem…

  10. Love your vids, but I had a small hickup on your "Do as I say, don't do as I do" (around 6 min in): I also wanted to point out that in many european coutries it is quite illegal to fly a drone (or any unmanned aircraft) within the city limts. For exactly the reasons you pointed out. In fact, some insurances might even bail out on you for gross negligence, and a Mavic from 20 floors up might cause some serious damage.
    And I agree, copters handle quite differently than fixed wingers, so your really need to re- learn a lot of that musche memory. Especially when trying to back up through a hotel window, a trick very few rc planes manage…. 😉
    As for the local heritage issues: Maybe it is due to the fact that too many people have anoyed the locals for too long a time, following the mantra of rather asking forgiveness than permission.

  11. Hi Mark! Thanks for asking – You can find some of my drone footage on both my YouTube channel and Instagram (@OldPongGeezer) – love to get some feedback!

    That first "Do"!! I KNOW this, but I still do it all the time! So true… It's at the point now I download my footage and start watching and just wait for the point that perfect segment gets ruined by my sudden camera tilt or that jerky yaw. One other thing I noticed – filming in 4K seems to make both the video feed and the stick controls very laggy. Maybe just my older model? I wonder if anyone else experiences this.

    Agree with the other commentators about your advice on air travel with your drone. I had to stop the video and rewind to make sure I heard that right. You might want to edit your description or pin a correction comment about this for travel in the U.S. (and most other countries I've researched) that you MUST carry on your batteries. I travel "TSA Pre" in the States, so have a bit of an advantage getting through security, but I have flown many flights in the U.S. and never had a question or comment about my check in bag – packed with the Mavic, almost all "fly more" accessories and 4 fully charged batteries in LiPo cases.

    Excellent video despite my light criticism. I'll look for more of your stuff!

  12. Great video, but like others have said, checking your drone is illegal in the US and I think in most places because of the batteries. But I do love the tip of counting in your head to hold the shot. Great advice.

  13. Too… Funny, that black bird must have the fly more package pre-installed in him; he just kept going, going and going! Also, flying out the hotel window, it works on the DJI Mavic Pro but if you have rear sensor avoidance you won't be able to fly in backward either. LOL

  14. The comment about putting the drone in checked luggage because of the batteries was kind of confusing. You are not allowed to put rechargable batteries of such capacity into checked luggage! What you should do is get a special protection case for the batteries, which protects in case they catch fire, then make sure they are not charged more than 50% and then you should be fine with a smaller drone like the mavic. After all the problematic thing are the batteries and I never transport them in my drone. The arilines have very detailed laws about the maximum allowed capacity of the rechargable batteries you can carry and if you stay below that you should be fine to have it in hand luggage. And again, you have to carry them as carry on, not in checked luggage


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