Drone CRASHES into Audience WHY??


A dumbass drone pilot flew his GoPro Karma into a ballpark, violating a bunch of laws. Then he lost control and it crashed right into the audience. What the hell …


  1. LOL! I shouldn't laugh, but I live in San Diego. How could anyone be surprised at what people in California do? If the guy who picked up the crashed drone hadn't danced he wouldn't be a Californian.

  2. Actually I dont think any of the responsibility is on the company… Because when you get to that point, it's a really slippery slope just HOW MUCH responsibility they bear… Then you get into the whole ridiculous "Well, a company should have never made something that can do this or that." crap.. For example, there are a LOT of car accidents per year. One could argue that "A company should have never designed a vehicle that COULD crash, killing it's occupants and others."… Thinking that the company should bear any of the responsibility is a real, I don't know, I wanna say "leftist" way of thinking about it.. The government and/or entities hold ALL responsibility over people and their actions. A person never has to worry about making their own life choices or suffering the consequences of them, blah blah blah, type shit.. Almost like Bernie Sanders supporters down at Occupy Wallstreet protesting because they think that it's someone ELSES responsibility to look after them…. Yeah, I went off a bit there, but my point is you see, it's a VERY slippery slope when you start transferring blame to anyone other than the person who is ultimately at fault.

  3. funny as a DJI owner there are more problems with DJI drones right now then any other drone… your video also shows a Google map that is real old because the parking lot you point out is now a Building.

  4. I was seating really close to where the guy crashed. we all thought it belonged to the guy that was seating by the drone. thought he was trying to bring drone back quick before they confiscated it but it was not the case.

  5. In the sports channel telecast you can clearly see the green LEDs flashing on the front of the drone which indicates it's in RTH mode. Unfortunately the pilot did not set the return elevation high enough to clear the stadium in the event that the connection was interrupted . Any drone that were to fly on the other side of a building or massive structure with endless amounts of wireless devices within the stadium radar detectors, Wi-Fi signals, and television equipment will lose the connection any day of the week. Also after the drone crashed and it was danced with by the guy it looks as if the camera popped out so any other information on the SD card of the camera is somewhere underneath the seats. And after all that unfortunately people like that make it more more difficult to find good legal areas to do some aerial photography

  6. Here in the UK there are many restrictions on flying drones. Personally i think common sense should be used. Flying safely is number 1 priority, i know this from when i flew RC Jets and Helicopters.

  7. Hi Tony, I fully agree with you, that people should be more punished I case they do illegal things, but a better approach would be to sell drones having a got a official education, like a drone pilot edu needed for professional use. I see this very similar like a car and for driving a car you need a license. It would also be possible to build in the drones, the small ones, that they simple don't work nearby a "disallowed area".
    Greeting from Austria, Gerald

  8. This is why we need to be able to carry weapons, of all types, any where. Had I been there, I could have provided covering fire and only a few of the spectator would have been killed but at least that drone would have been wasted. When I next go to be baseball game, I'll bring my 4 Phallanx truck mounted close air defense system. I disagree with Tony, there should be no laws prohibiting the use of drones. Drones are considered "defensive weapons" and is protected by the Constitution. We need more not less true Patriots flying drones around airports and until the Great Wall is built, there should be a swarm of drones with frickin laser beams patrolling our borders.


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