Drone captures Charlottesville car attack on camera


Newly-released drone footage shows the moment a car ploughed into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person. Report by Conor Mcnally.


  1. What's amazing is we go on and on discussing this but no one ever discusses the fact our govt. is killing us with fake terrorism. Now the Festival. The biggest one right? It's only going to get bigger and bigger. I saw videos of two different shooters in that story. A 64 year old walks in to a hotel with a million cameras with 30 machine guns? wtf? Why do we not question this? Because we are given stories and we fight over that. LOVELY. PERFECT SHEEP.

  2. why are there two guys who start pushing toward the accident as it starts, while everyone else is going the other way? These are the same two men who catch the woman clinging to the hood of the Minivan. That woman is said to be the driver/ person who parked the mini van there.

  3. Different car, different colour… and the Charlotesville car rammed into two other cars. See close-up footage. ODN "entertainment", whomever you are… stop being a dick. Stop lying. Get a life. You'll feel better for it in your soul.

  4. Removing statues and flags isn't going to change the way certain people think. Do these protesters really believe that, once these items are removed from public display, these people are going to suddenly think differently? That's very naive and idiotic. People are only going to change the way they think on their own terms, not because a group of protesters forced them to change. Is it really that hard to connect these dots?

  5. Americans murder people in the Middle East for dubious reasons. They leave mercury, barium, and depleted uranium behind to cause horrible birth defects and cancers in children. They convict people of crimes despite harming no one and put them in rape pits where a quarter million will be raped this year many or whom contract diseases and/or commit suicide. Not news. One person gets killed by a car and it's a big deal.

  6. Why is no one mentioning the red minivan that is clearly hitting people, then a white car hits the red van. Some time later when emergency personel are on scene the dark grey challenger hits the crowd after being attacked, and hits the white car damaging the front end. Why isn't this being mentioned by anyone? Is everyone blind?

  7. All these stupid Nazis and white supremacists angered over the removal of a statue of general lee, when lee himself said in a letter in 1869 that it would be wiser "not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife".

  8. Civil War 2 is coming get out of the street and go to work. That goes for all races. You know the world is crazy now why put yourself at risk.

  9. Next time drive faster, and use something bigger, like a tourbus or a huge truck and FLOOR IT!

    Yes ive had it with these Islam supporters leftwing scum traitors!

  10. Why is the drone stationary, on the scene but just out of view? Why didn't the drone pilot follow the car? How coincidental is it that the two people who most likely had that footage crashed and died in their helicopter right after? The dodge is listed as having a sun roof, dodge on video has no sun roof. Original report says the dodge was bought in kentucky at a toyota dealership. Later report says car was bought in ohio. car license plate is almost identical to alleged driver's mother license plate (frv 1111, frv 1122) implying they were registered at same time. Zoomed in photo of driver through windshield looks nothing like suspect, etc…


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