Drone Buying Guide 2017


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  1. I think everyone is surprised the Mavic Pro never made it on your list. Like it was the best tech that has come out in awhile for drones. Small, portable, high quality, didnt skimp on the tech and price is less then 1000 dollers. What more can you ask for?

    Note: Also Autel premium drone wasnt half bad as well, but lacked the portability.

  2. I have to agree with you about DJI Phantom 4 but know DJI customer service is far from well NONE ! There China based so getting any help is in chat or e mail and takes forever to get done. NOW A company I do recommend is Autel this is a USA based company that is know for tools and other electronics , but now is in the Drone aspect . They have 24 / 7 365 days a year customer service sorry but a BIG PLUS when your spending this much money on a drone . speaking of money there cheaper than DJI. Right now they have the Autel premium that is really DJI 's Phantom 3 but with a little more , like removable camera 's. I have been with drones for a while now and I am turning to Autel and I was a DJI fan boy. Autel has in production a drone with Retract's and Flir camera with 360 degree advoid . May DJI users have been asking for retracts but DJI only lets the 4000 / 5000 dollar Inspire 1 & 2 have that option. Great video , just like your viewer's to know Autel , just think hobby and pro. in the field would like to know since 2017 Best Drones . Thanks for letting me voice Autel , I am giving them a try .

  3. I agree with Jeremy, below; I would have expected you to include the Autel xStar / xStar Premium? The Premium is, in many user's opinion, very comparable with DJI's Phantom series, well under the $1k price-point, with exceptional after-sale support. You obviously can't cover "every" drone option, but….

  4. haha puts up a couple good cheap drones then jumps right to the phantom series. wheres the solo? wheres anything from yuneec? wheres something from autel? come on dont make a guide unless you know all of the well known drones

  5. I paid $35 on ebay for my Syma X5SW WIFI FPV 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis RC Quadcopter Drone 2MP Camera HD White RTF. It's been great except when it finds a little wind to carry it high off into the trees far away. Bought another and found my old one a year later in a creek, almost ready to fly again (needed a new prop and two motors that drowned).

  6. Syma motors really suck, they constantly fail with the slightest knock, I've had long blades of grass kill the motors on it. It's also poor in anything more than 3-4mph wind.

  7. Weird of you guys not to include what was arguably the most touted drone of 2016… the Mavic Pro. And then there was the most short lived disaster for a company… the Karma. xD I'm guessing GoPro will still try to put it back in the market, but we'll see how that goes.
    For those well informed… is there anything compact for a camera like a GoPro 5 Session?


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