Dromida Verso Drone Review Unboxing and Flight Impressions – TheRcSaylors


You are looking at the newest member to the Dromida team, the Verso! This RC Quadcopter / Drone can do flips like any other competitor, but it can also flip …


  1. Got a question. Glad I found you guys. Watched a few of your vids. But for this quad the props keep coming off what can I do to keep them on. Also I'm charging the battery and the USB charger is blinking is that ok. Plus it doesn't hover nicely like yours. I'm indoors and it won't just hover in place. Are their trims buttons. I got this used from a friend for free so it's been flown before. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  2. I just use a usb charger without indication.  How long does the battery fully charge from completely depleted?   You are superb pilot by the way, very great video. Thanks.

  3. I love mine,i usually only fly inverted from side to side so forward is still forward,ive also noticed that it actually does make a difference if you press the easy button on the left,i didn't notice until I flew in the wind but it seems to have a bit more stability with it on

  4. I'd also like to note that you can remove the standard sticks from the control and install just the thumb knobs…I found this out by accident as they kept falling out so I glued them in before I knew about the thumb sticks cause I would rather have glued them in right on the control

  5. great copter for 40$. bought it today after watching this review. super fast and responsive and controllable. flown a lot of small quads this size and this by far flies the best. their completely fine to fly outdoors. I'd like to commend you on your review, not too many rc reviews worth watching but you really do a nice job. thanks a lot!!! nice to see people out there that really enjoy the hobby like we all do. really nice that parts are available as well ….frames, motors, props .

  6. Not that I'd recommend testing this, but I found out just how good a product Dromida makes. My Verso took an accidental swim (fully submerged for probably 10 seconds) while flying the other day. I thought for sure it would be ruined, but after letting it sit for a couple days, I tried it tonight and it still flies perfectly.

  7. I love my Verso. Cheap, fun, and incredibly durable for its size and weight. You guys probably already know this, but the stock battery is a cute little 350 mAh. There is a 390 mAh Dromida battery that fits in the Verso with no modification and will offer a slightly longer flight time. It is also 9 bucks instead of 14 for the smaller capacity unit.

  8. Hi again RCSaylors! This is my third quad I purchased based on your recommendation. And all three are awesome!! This quad is super fun to fly. The fact that it flips and can fly upside down is awesome. Its also super stable. Thanks!

  9. This is a fun quad and it has balls but I hate how cheap n fragile it feels and is. Mine also won't fly inverted any more. Lame. Oh well its still super fun to fly.

  10. Also notice the 4 legged critter, it don't chase this quad, like they do my 350QX3,,,Little dog not bad, ye old 100 plus pound pitt bull ,,,one chomp and drone,,,dead., I landed this one right in front of the dog, nothing, dog bored.


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