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The Dromida HoverShot is a Brand New RC Quadcopter from Dromida that offers all the same features as it’s larger, more expensive big brother, the Dromida …


  1. ive got two. i bought one and then the wires that connect the drone to the battery came off so i bought another one. love the safety features definitely comes in handy. i had the protocol ap video drone before that and while it was easier to flip because it had a flip button it didn't have the safety features or fpv like the hovershot has and it flew away to god knows where, which is why i bought the hovershot. personally i haven't gotten either of mine very high just a couple feet above me and i'm 6'0 so maybe 7-10 feet at most. for some reason it doesn't want to stay in the air for longer than 2 minutes or at least the one i bought used. the one i bought new was better but like i said the wires connecting the drone to the battery came undone and theres no where in my county that i can find that will solder it back for me. i've emailed the company and sent them photos but they never got back to me after i sent them the photos. i haven't actually recorded anything yet but the camera quality is pretty good. i wish they would have gone with the 1080 like in the kodo HD but it is what it is. i like that it can take some abuse. i've crashed both of them a hand full of times, unintentionally usually either it dove to the ground on me or i had to kill it so i wouldn't have to worry about it flying off or hitting somebody. it sucks getting it connected sometimes and i wish it had a longer flight time. but all in all i love this little thing.

  2. hey I took your advice and got the DROMIDA hovershot. and I won't lie this is the best drone you can get under 150dollars and that's Canadian it literally out beats everything out there. amazing for a beginners. and mind you I stay on the 10th floor and I stay in ontario imagine the winds up here YET this thing flies like a champ. thanks a ton guys. great recommendation keep up the good good good work.

  3. Wow cool feature's to know it has, i just bought it at my local hobby shop, and haven't flown it yet, but im looking forward to fly this, how long did the flight time last? the website says about 7-10 minutes, which if true, is very good for a small quad

  4. I'll be getting my first altitude hold quad with the wifi fpv tomorrow. Maintaining altitude is probably one of the more challenging things to do when flying fpv, so the alt hold feature is awesome. Anxious to test it out after seeing this.

  5. Better than this banggood JJRC H31 that came D.O.A. right from the mangled box. I put batterys in and nothing happened,nothing. I tryed several ways to get it to come on and nothing. I am thinking of ordering another one ten using this one as a spare. I cannt even try the quad out. I havent had much luck with banggood anyway. Everything I have bought from them has turned out junk. I am going to try this last one order then I am done with them.I know you have been having good luck with them for the most part but not me. I know the stuff is cheap but if I have to order two so I can get one that works…well…

  6. Nice review (as usual)! A couple of questions, is there any latency in the WiFi video? (Is the WiFi fast enough that you could you fly this FPV around obstacles?) And what is the range of adjustment for the camera angle? (Can it be adjusted higher than horizontal (horizon) to compensate for forward pitch?)

  7. Not to shabby, but you get  a Hubsan  H502E  for $83  with GPS  AH  RTH  and telemetry on the TX and a good camera and 10minutes flight time and good range

  8. so I've gotten a few good starter fpv drones and wanted to know what you would recommend as a starter "fpv racing quad" their is just so much to choose from and I really don't want to get something that I won't be able to fly properly

  9. Great job as always from the both of you. Relatively new to the rc quad thing and found you guys on Y.T. Excellent reviews and big fun to watch your work. I've already picked up several different quads from your reviews. Love this stuff. This one has very good video for a little guy ! Too bad about shorter WiFi range but no big deal to me. Love the cameras on the quads though, much fun. You guys rock and I'm staying tuned to you. Jeff H.


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