DROCON Traveler UDI U818A Plus HD Anti Shake FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This large long flying drone includes a 720p HD FPV camera that takes very smooth video. Find it on Amazon here and use coupon code …


  1. I have this and in my opinion it is a fantastic starter/learning drone. Disregard comments about prop guards, camera not being perfect etc. This will allow you to MASTER controlling drones and learning basic software for when you advance to more expensive, DAMAGE prone drones! Yes, the more they cost the harder they crash. Yes they can automatically avoid obstacles (unless in sport/free flight mode) but when they hit, they hit hard.
    The more expensive drones fly themselves, hence the name "drones". Not as much fun when racing around the sky, but great for inspecting property, video taping, photography! Again, they can be flown without all the safety features enabled, but that is where damage/loss comes in! Bye-bye $1,200+ drone.
    Also, heavier drones are most likely going to require FAA registration. I believe the upper weight limit for non–registration is .55 lbs.
    Learn cheaply, then move up.
    Oh, I bought 3 batteries and a funky but working charger (2 batteries at a time) for $38 off amazon. I get an average of 15 minutes per charge/battery (without the camera mounted).
    The lights on more inexpensive drones are hard to see in daylight. I place fluorescent green stickers on the front prop guards, and fluorescent red ones on the rear/back prop guards. Easier to see which direction the drone is flying. I also placed different colored reflective tape on rear and front prop guards. At night, I use a bright headlamp and can see the reflective tape at a distance. I do this because when accelerating forward the tilt ot the prop guards obscures and blocks the green and red LEDs. Getting disoriented as to which direction you THINK it is going, will get you in trouble LOL.

  2. Hello, on the site where I want to buy this drone it's said that it has a range of 150m, is he actually able to reach that? I understand that the FPV might turn off earlier, but the connection of the controller should stay.

  3. I owned this one for 60 days now ,the drone works "better " indoors but is hit and miss the headless does not always work so I had some wall crashes also it likes to do the up down up down "thing" sometimes when first taken off ! also creating crashes !
    outside was good when there is not wind ! other wise yiu need to be in an open area nust lime this video shows or the drone can't be controlled very well as of matter of fact It was impossinke for me to controlled it ! I even played with the 3 speeds but still The wind just made it imposinle to fky where I wanted it to go to.
    I flew it in my back yard beforw I went on a trip. So no the drone is more like a toy than anything else !
    altitude mode was ok again if no wind ,
    headless mode ok only when it does works !
    I paid 80.00 bucks in Amazon . by the way customer service at Drocon is not what you spect ,be aware you wont get
    your money back even within the 60 days you will be offered a 20 bucks VR glasses for the inconviniance of having a defective drone that probably wont even fly outdoors ! sorry for the miss spells ,my phone is not the best!

  4. Thank you for this video.. You did a great job. I was given this drone as a gift, and it is a lot of fun, but after a few hard landings it's not holding position, and drifting back and to the right. I'm having trouble trying to calibrate the drone properly, and was wondering if you could do a video on calibration and how to adjust the trim. The written instructions are not very clear, and don't go into the trim feature at all… Thanks!

  5. For anyone who does buy one of these, be sure you know the very specific name (e.g. FPV, Plus, HD, WiFi, 720p, etc.) before you make inquiries or order parts; there are about a thousand and one versions of the U818. I had nothing but bad luck with the old blue one I bought. Maybe they improved it so the motors don't start burning out after a few days.

  6. video is decent, but not jello free. Better than most, but at a pretty hefty price. The Wi-fi is (as expected) worthless. The proprietary battery is another drawback. It is a good flier for the most part, except when half way thru the battery the altitude hold becomes altitude decent. When they said "Stable", I think they were referring to Stable take-off & landing .. not the camera. (at least that's how I read it on Amazon's site). I think the cost puts it out of the class as a n00b trainer drone .. there are much cheaper (and better) craft for that which don't use proprietary batteries. Thanks for the look. Cheers.

  7. udi seems like a good brand, i just wish they would get on board with the 5.8 system. i dont think any quad over 100 bucks should use wifi and claim "live FPV" heck 720p is laggy enough in 5.8 without a ground station. not complaing about Udi btw for the price they seem to do really well with consumers.


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