DRL Nikko Air Race Drone Vision 220 FPV Pro – Review & Demo


Do you want to try your hand at flying an FPV Drone? This is a great way to start. Below are links to where you can find this drone:


  1. Just a quick note, the DRL Simulator is no longer free, it was earlier this year. While it is not very expensive, it is an additional charge, $20 I think, and is only on Steam. For those who may want to try drones without worrying about crashing hardware.

    A quick question about this is, can you bind it to another transmitter? I have a Taranis, and would prefer to use that over the toy controller that comes with it. Is this even possible?

  2. Hey just have a few questions #1 is the light supposed to turn on and stay lit up until it is finished charging then turn off? #2 Mine doesn't connect to the controller very well do you have any tips? #3 How do you know if it needs charged,if it is charged, or is just partly charged?

  3. I find $190Cnd for this drone with no Brushless motors a bit expensive…
    I got this one for my neighbors kids and it's only $70.00 USD including 5.8Ghz Camera Drone…
    Transmitter with 5.8Ghz LCD screen..
    And if you really want googles you could get these at $49.99 USD,


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