DRIVING TO THE HIGHLANDS — Scotland Road Trip Vlog 1/2


Escaping the urban life to Scotland for the first time on a 2-day road trip! A return to the old style travel vlogs around Loch Lomond + Fort William Discount on my …


  1. Given how recently James Popsys was in that area, I was half expecting to see him in one of your shots by that white house and waterfall! 😛 Looks like a fun trip, especially with all that rain! (hey, we don't get much "quality" rain out here in Alberta it seems, just… massive downpours, or teasing clouds).

    And wow, swearing from you in a video, don't see that every day!

  2. Great to see you in my country Joe- not far from where I live. If you are still here and heading back near Glasgow, drive down past Loch Lomond and the Argyll Forest, get the ferry from Dunoon, over to my home town of Gourock. I’ll buy you both a beer!

  3. „The journey is the destination“ seems to be a 1 by 1 translation of the German sayin „Der Weg ist das Ziel“ which means, it‘s not the destination but much more the journey to it, which makes the quantity of a trip. Concluding: the roadtrip is already a part of the destination because it leads to it. Which makes sense , or?


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