Frsky X lite review. This frsky Taranis x lite-review racing radio is something I been dying to try out. perfect for drone racing, great gimbals, small form, made for …


  1. Iโ€™m just starting out so I think this controller will be good for me as itโ€™s similar to Xbox etc. as for the other gear I have no idea. I see you have heaps of budget drones but do you have videos for someone who is just starting and needs a full kit? Iโ€™m looking at spending $1000aud which I hope will get me something reasonable. Thanks

  2. NOT TRUE! I am a pitcher 100% and I am loving this controller. Much better than box controllers… I even forgot about that I have other controllers. You can adjust to your liking and work so nice and smooth. Perfect for both Thumbers or Pitchers!

  3. Goodness me, this radio is fantastic. I've always been a thumber and have tried unsuccessfully to switch many times, but this time I think it's going to work out. The X-Lite is just so useless when I try to thumb it (natural thumb motion doesn't coincide with the axes of the sticks), but it's the first radio that really feels at home in my hands when I pinch the sticks. One thing nobody mentions: the sticks are actually ballraced.

  4. I actually hated this tx, the gimbal throws were just weird and the palm swells were too much. IMHO the Evo felt perfect, but the RX's were trash. Sticking with my QX7

  5. This would be descent for micros I guess but I like the extra switches, gimbals with more travel and especially crossfire. I tried the frsky short throw throttle and don't really like it so I doubt I'd like these


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