Don’t Buy the Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom: Travel Drone Buying Guide


If you’re wondering if the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom are worth the extra money, watch to find out which drones based on your budget I recommend for …


  1. You are adorable but… I personally make large purchases based on what I will want/need in the future. Buying what you need at the moment, especially as a beginner, is a sure way to guarantee dissatisfaction sooner rather than later. There may be features that you won't "need" as a beginner on the Mavic 2 drones but as you progress you may wish that you had them.

    Also, you mention crashing. With the advanced crash avoidance, APAS and Smart Return Home systems on the Mavic 2, they've made it far less likely that you will crash. Let's not forget the better RC transmission system, longer battery life, and other updated systems as well.

    The thing with measuring value is that all things must be considered to make an informed choice. Don't get me wrong, I've advised the lower cost drones to people many times but only after I have made some specific inquiries of their needs and desires. If price were the only metric for purchase, everyone should buy a Spark and all shoes should be purchased from Payless.

  2. I am in a debate right now on which drone i should get, i have seen plenty of reviews on different drones and right now not sure which drone i want. I like travel a lot so i wonder if the mavic pro is easy for travelling? also I am planning to head to Philippines and Peru this upcoming year and wanted to buy a drone for those trips. I am a new to drones have never flown one so I will need one that will be easy to fly.

  3. I think for tacking our self video's for showings our surrounding the DJI mavic air is best specially for beginners who not know how to fly in near our house
    the extra rear sensor and apas pilot give more confident

  4. Actually you can do the Dolly Zoom with any drone just that the Mavic 2 Zoom does it for you within the system. There are many tutorial videos on youtube teaching people how to do the Dolly Zoom effect through any video editing software. I learned how to do the Dolly Zoom effect by watching those tutorial.

    At the moment I only have the Mavic Pro and Spark. I want to get the new Mavic 2 Pro but not right now because its still very new and will have some problem and issues. Which some other youtubers had found and that photo showing someone's Mavic 2 Pro camera falling off. These are all the problems recently just happened not too long ago. also not all the function are in the current Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom. I heard some other people is saying that its a unfinished product. But thanks to those people that had already bought them the moment they released it they can find the problems first and report it to DJI hopfully DJI will make currection through their update. I'm planning to sale my Spark later on maybe a year or two from now to buy the Mavic 2 Pro. by that time it should be better to buy. I was planning to get the Mavic Air but decided not to because of the new release is a lot better with its 360 sensors all around and on top.

  5. Most pros care about quality way more than features. Especially the gimmicky features like dolly zoom which will make all of us throw up in about 6 months. It’s a cool feature though I agree. And yeah I think you are right about getting the first mavic, it’s definitely a solid drone.

  6. Why I got the pro is i live flying early in morning or sundown and it seems with the 1” sensor will set the job done. I also own the mavic, phantom 4 pro and mavic air but this one seems like it the perfect combo of all I need. I am selling my mavic pro and phantom 4 pro as I think this one will fill the void. Thanks for video.

  7. Dont wish to start a war here but you need to get your basics right.

    *Most professionals will chose the 2pro over the 2zoom just because of that 1inch sensor.
    *The 2zoom vertigo is a gimmick which can easily be achieved in post.
    For your average consumer its great but for professionals its not that appealing.
    *The 2pro records 10bit colour and that alone sends a chill through the spines.
    *The new drones are expensive but for a reason. I know for most people the mavic pro does the job well but for professionals, the mavic pro was never even a choice (after phantom 4 pro).
    The new 2pro is a refined phantom 4 pro v2 in a mavic body which lacks 60fps and a mecha shutter but also adds other things to compensate for that.
    *You may always go for your wide angle lens but me being a full time photographer always go for what ever the scene requirs.
    The 14-24, 24-70,70-200 and one 85 always accompanies me where ever I go.
    * If Landscapes are the only things you like to shoot then consider shooting them with a 50 or 85 @ F/8. Take several shots and stich them together and you will see they are of higher quality than one single shot wide photo.

    Anyway, thing is, if you are a pro looking for a budget and portable drone, nothing can beat the mavic 2 pro at the moment.

  8. The Zoom essentially just has ONE feature that the Pro doesn't, but other than that it is still the same pretty uninspiring camera that the previous generation Mavic had.

    Every second review I have seen has someone creaming their pants about the dolly zoom and it gets old really fast.

    I've been a computer techie for 35 years now and I keep hearing from people that their computers don't work, my previous computer was running 24/7 for 1,790 days before I replaced it with my current one – and yes the old machine does still work – and my current main machine has been up and running 24/7 for 1,140 days.

    This is not a coincidence, because I take care of my shit.

    When you talk about drone crashes I think to the techie mantra that all of us who have been in the game for some time know by heart and have learned through painful experience, namely:

    Behind every computer error, there are at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.

    For instance on the Mavic drone there are ventilation ports, when was the last time you checked them? When was the last time you used an air duster and squirted some compressed air through the ports to make sure they weren't blocked?

    I will guess the answer to that is never.

    When the electronics of the drone get too hot, then they will shut down to protect itself, the drone can't fly without the electronics and a crash is the inevitable result.

    Of course when you get over to the drone and pick it up and look it over and decide that the damage isn't bad, you will turn it back on again and it will fly – until the next time the electronic components overheat and you have another crash.

  9. Jennifer, very good information you've provided. Most if not all who purchase a drone do so because it has a camera. Users capture images down below. Of the two new Mavics, the Pro (with the Hasselblad camera) version should be #1 on anyone's list. The resolution is so much better. The Zoom version: Yes, the zoom feature is nice, but how many times can one use this feature before it becomes irritating. The feature should only be used once in a while in a video. One more thing….in your future videos, can you please either sit on your hands or tie them down. Gesturing constantly is irritating to the viewer.

  10. Great advice and great chart. You’re right in that haven’t seen that anywhere else. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype but ultimately it’s the photographer or videographer knowing the equipment they have at hand that creates the best image or footage. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s appreciated!

  11. Jen,Jen, you just harshed my morning mellow..Here I'm stoked about getting the Mavic 2 Pro tomorrow (8/29)..After watching your vid, when it comes I'm gonna throw it straight in the dumpster and go buy a Mavic 1..Haha..In reality I've had the Mavic 1, P4A , Inspire 1 etc..
    I live in Phoenix and besides the 1" sensor the ocusync 2 with the auto switching is what attracted me to this product..I need a lot of transmission power in the city..Then when I go to the mountains to harass Bigfoot, I need that power to fly in heavy foliage..
    Great video, after a few Valiums I'll be able to get over the sticker shock.. Good on you..

  12. I went against all your advise lol im a beginner on a budget but got the mavic 2 pro. Its my fathers day, anniversary and birthday present combined (all sept) I should get it next week!


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