Don’t buy a drone


Look, you probably shouldn’t buy a drone. 1st, you can’t fly drones in most of the places you want to fly them, because: 2nd, they …


  1. I've given extensive thought to getting my Part 107 cert and adding drone video to my list of services. And, I have no doubt that I'd be a professionally competent UAS pilot. However, after studying for the Part 107 cert test (which I find almost ridiculously easy) and doing more and more research, it seems that my general market area is inundated with major international airports, military bases and installations, and countless commercial airports. So, I'm going to be SEVERELY restricted to where I can legally fly.

    Yes. I can certainly ask for FAA waivers. But, they can take a while which flies in the face of my potential clients.

    So, for now, unless you or anyone else can convince me otherwise (which I'm totally open to), I'm putting the idea of getting my Part 107 on the shelf and am going to stick to land-based photography and videography.

  2. THIS video should be shown to every person tempted to go out and buy a drone! Might help prevent a few thousand extra brainless fools from ruining the R/C Hobby for the rest of us (by causing trouble with a buy and fly commercial drone from DJI etc)

  3. trow your drone away since you are so against it, and stop discouraging people thinking that this content is helpful…it is totally out of place, you should think of something really helpful to talk about…I can tell you are running our of ideas to talk about


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