Dolly Zoom VERTIGO Effect With A DRONE || Tutorial By Drone Film Guide


Dolly zoom vertigo effect tutorial by Drone Film Guide brought to you by Captain Cornelius ( The dolly zoom vertigo effect is a …


  1. Stewart now 2:12 AM for me I have work 2maro and you made me to watch your videos. You are fucking fucking fucking awesomeeeee man. Wow this is the best trick I learnt . Thank you so much Stewart you are superb awesome .

  2. Hey! Thank you all for your comments and discussion below! Just to let you know that as this channel is growing, we are struggling to reply to each and every one of you but rest assured that we do read your comments and value your input. Please do keep your comments coming! Drone Film Guide is evolving into a cracking community for those of us who want to do more with our drones and fly like filmmakers…stay tuned!

  3. Can you show how you did it with the woman on the rocks? Did you zoom in on her first, set the zoom, key frame at the higher zoom%, go to the top of clip, set key frame at 100%? is it really that easy?

  4. Nice Tutorial but it doesn't work for me :(. I keyframe the last frame at 249% and when I go to keyframe the first frame at 100% it automatically makes it 249% as well and visa Versa. I can only make the whole clip change not the individual parts like you did. Help me! Also on FInal Cut


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