Does It Matter?


What really matters and what doesn’t really matter at all? We get so wrapped up in wanting the latest and greatest gear …


  1. So true, just because an awesome drone is superceded by a new model doesn't mean that it suddenly is crap . I typically skip two to four generations of cameras , drones , TV's, hell just anything. I even drove my last truck for 26 years before replacing it. I rarely buy the latest model of anything , instead get last years model at a discount at the time the new one comes out.

  2. 100% Agree! Use what you have. I've been asked what's the best editor to edit videos, and I relate it to needing to drive a nail into a piece of wood. A hammer would be GREAT, but if you only have a crowbar, then that will get the job done too. It may not be the best and it may not be what everyone else is using, but it works, so use it!

  3. What I'm about to post is off-topic, BUT it's IMPORTANT: It's about the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, and it's HORRIBLE news for BOTH recreational AND commercial flyers! It has ALREADY passed the House (H.R. 302), and is currently on it's way to the Senate! Basically, NASA (that's right, the Space Explorers) teamed up with Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations (mostly Trade Associations for places like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, etc) to 'take over' the Airspace. In addition to FAA assigning Airspace to recreational and commercial flyers, BOTH types of flyers will NOW have to have INDIVIDUAL PERMISSION from the Administrator of the above NASA+Trade Group Association. Everyone HAVE to, EACH and EVERY time BEFORE flying, explain to the Administrator: Where you're going to fly, the time you're going to fly, the purpose of your flight, the safety plans of your flight, etc. The Administrator is authorized to deny (or limit) your recreational or commercial flight request for ANY reason. (So, for example, if you're not liked by the Trade Group (perhaps by posting a unfavorable video of Yuneec, a Trade Group Member), the Administrator of the Group can deny all your flights!). They're making EVERYBODY'S flight plans PUBLICLY available on the FAA's website, so that it's EASY for people to report violators of the new rules, and REQUIRING all aircraft operating over public lands to emit radio Identification that police can read. The waivers for the Part 107 commercial fliers, will be eliminated; request for permission of those flight features will ONLY be available to Operators performing duties for the Administration's Group (i.e., want to fly at night? Only be working for them!). Oh, btw, the penalties they're placing is $25,000, and/or 2 years imprisonment, per violation! I'm posting this on ALL the YouTubers that I'm subscribed to; I know it's off-topic, but this hobby's owners HAVE to contact their Senators and AT LEAST let them know how they feel..PLEASE ask your subscribers, families, friends, neighbors, etc. to call their Senators (it's too late for Representatives!)…Otherwise, Section 336 AND Part 107 would be as worthless as a counterfeit Confederate dollar bill! —>

  4. This was a great video Jay! I have seen that Panasonic announced two new full frame cameras! I would love to get them, but I don't have the money. I could sell my GH5 and lenses/ other equipment and maybe upgrade, but theGH5 is good enough for my shooting. Because it comes out new gear doesn't mean that the equipment we already own gets worse! I wont sell the GH5 because that is the first camera i bought and I worked for months to earn the money to buy it. I wouldn't trade that memory for a better low light camera!

  5. Jay That is such a valid point why get a DJI when I have trouble flying a Promark. I see where you are going with this and intend on continuing follow you especially on this series Thanks for all your great work I know a lot of thought goes into each of your videos and it really shows

  6. I clicked on this because I've made a video with a smiliar title. Lol, mines a vlog style. Love your audio though. I was thinking about your framing and had a question. Why don't you leave room between your head and top of the frame? Love the flow of your video too.

  7. Hi Jay, you speak the truth my friend. I just got an Apple iPhone X and I am here to tell you that I am very disappointed. Not really about the phone but I bought it thinking there was going to be all sorts of apps available for my Bebop2 drone. What an education I got. There are actually only 2 apps that could do anything with the bebop 2 drone. The (bug infested ) Freeflight Pro and the Bebop Pro apps… that's it. With all the hype from Hot Line support at Parrot they made the Iphone sound like the holy grail. Bottom Line: My other smartphone was a cheaper Android and it had a lot more apps for it. And guess what, using the Apple iPhone Freeflight Pro app didn't really make that much difference other than the altitude and distance readout was in feet instead of meters. Oh, and by the way it still had bugs in it. Sitting not 4 feet from me during take off the app showed the bebop2 was 17 feet away.
    So, you are right. In other words like the old saying: " The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence " and my I add to that " until you step over the fence and put both feet in a big cow paddy ". LOL
    Good Video my friend, thanks for sharing.

  8. You know what Jay, the comment that you have made makes a lot of sense. Often enough we get caught up trying to keep up instead of mastering what we do have. I am no upgrading to the new Mavic, I just see no need for upgrading for a few differences for a tag of $4-700 difference in cost.

  9. My video camera is a $170.00 Sony. Takes great video at 720 and 1080. My go to camera for photographing family, and just about everything else, is an older Canon T3. I like both. Of course I would love to have better cameras, but I think I'm happy with what I have. Great advice Jay. Take care.

  10. Very good points, Jay! We do get caught up in this planned-obsolescence world, and it's good to step back once in a while, rather than lining up in the vendor's queue.

    Even those folks you talked about who have plenty of money, probably won't gain anything with the next-big-thing.

    Well spoken!

  11. I was having this debate years ago as the audio recording industry exploded from an analog paradigm to a digital soundscape. So much creativity was spawned but at the same time, so many artists began relying on the technology instead of their abilities. We old fellas would just shake our heads and remind people that the Beatles recorded Sgt. Pepper's on an 8 track analog machine.

  12. Mr. Malone, MUCH respect to you for this video!
    I tell people the same thing. It's not what you have, it's what you do with what you have.
    Don't believe the marketing hype, 9 out of 10 times what you have will suffice and keep you out of the poor house!
    Case in point, in my videos, am I using a Zhiyun or DJI gimbal? That's right, the only one who knows is me!
    Keep up the good work sir!

  13. Nice editing Jay. 😉

    There's a saying in racing that says "the most important nut in a car is the one behind the wheel." Developing our own skills in using our tools has much more impact on our results than the tools themselves. A friend of mine who's been shooting 5Ds since the first one and now has a Fuji medium format GFX, has a beautiful 24×36 print hanging in his house that he shot on his iPhone.

  14. Hi Jay, your spot on Sir! The photographer/videographer captures that great image by laying our that perfect subject and composition. Yes, new equipment can help make the image better, but it takes the photographer to create that perfect shot. Great video Jay, thanks for stating the reality of creativity!


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