DOBBY Selfie-Drone unbox


Unboxing the cool new DOBBY selfie drone from WARNING WARNING – ZeroTech now no longer offer warranty if you buy the DOBBY from some …


  1. i'm planning on buying this little pocket drone, but i keep hearing conflicting answers.. people have been telling me that the camera end is actually the rear and that if you try to fly it using the camera the controls are reversed.. so are the controls backwards? or can the drone be used with the camera end being used as the front?

  2. I agree with your assessment about, "drones," going this direction. Zerotech is on the edge of something big here. Parrot could also be there if they scale down the Bebop a bit. Pocket-sized camera equipped quads are bound to happen. When the really cool aerial selfies start popping up on social media more and more, people are going to want in on the action. As consumer friendly as the DJI Phantom is, I still feel it is too intimidating, and large, for many. Something this size, and easy to use, will start being adopted more and more. At that point, it is like a dam washing away. Market momentum will put more and more, "drones" in people's hands, literally. Eventually, even the most anti-drone lawmakers will have to concede to the market, and the technology will become nearly as commonplace as cellphones.

  3. I didn't know you had a Align 480.
    Isn't ashamed Align stopped development on the 470, 480 and 690? After all these R&D time, they come with a great base and then pulled out.
    Next step was to build a full controller like Yuneec did and they would have to best product for serious flyers.

  4. Hello Bo! You are forgetting that the Parrot Bebop 1 and 2 also have GPS, sonar, optical flow sensor, much better stabilized "1080" video, lot more flight time and similar price, size, but what make the Bebops much better is the modular design and easy access to all components for diy repairs and with all the parts available , upgrades and mods, make it a better "bang for your buck", without going to the larger gimbaled machines. just my thoughts.. anyway… great unboxing! 🙂 You should review the new Bebop! Parrot ecoute moi!! 🙂

  5. funny approach 😉 I also have the GX8 – great cam – but I dont have it on a copter 🙂
    I was also interested in the align copter – but read too many bad comments about it.
    so now I will continue to watch this vid…

  6. I believe cost is going to make this DOA. Hardcore enthusiasts will pass and the "Selfie Set" will balk at the price. I see this as a teen market product with too much expensive tech on board to turn a profit at the marketable price of $99.00 at the local Best Buy. Unfortunately most bleeding edge products fail, but set the stage for those that follow to refine and successfully monetize the category.

  7. id say the 720p observation was incorrect. looks like 1080p to me on my one especially when i compare to my phones 1080p camera. maybe because you are using EIS. with it disabled. definitely 1080p


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