DM007 Spy Drone with 808 HD Camera


The DM007 quadcopter has a reasonably good camera. But the 808 #16 V3 HD camera is better. Can it lift it? Let’s find out. Buy it here …


  1. I've seen the other vid on this quad, where you putted on a cell phone lens. You have done the tx mod you talked about?In this one seems to have a slightly better range.Thank You Q101!

  2. I really appreciate that fact that you took the drone to its limit distance wise so people, like myself, can learn about how far it can go without losing its signal. You are dedicated and I love it!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my frustration,  I will start doing full inspections,  I was making sure no grass or anything was in them,  but not doing that close of inspection.  I've made much progress flying following your beginner flying lessons. I'm very lucky to have several acres of pasture land with my house, so after getting it brush hogged I just have to go out my back door and have a nice large open space to practice on

  4. This is quickly becoming the most disappointing hobby I have started,  I ended up buying 3 quads because they were on sale and you said they were good beginners quads, the Fy326, had a motor freeze up less than 2 mins into its first flight,  gearbest solution send me another motor,  today the 3rd time for taking the 007 out same thing motor froze mid air and tumbled to the ground,  I had to file another deal with gearbest.  Have you flown any of these a few dozen times without having any problems?  I'm having trouble believing it's just bad luck,  my other one is the mjx helicopter,  so far it's lasted 3 flights,  this evening I hope to break a record

  5. Gonna try the 40$ dollar 808 Camera as soon as I get the hang of flying it. I am a film maker and later on I wanna get tge 3DR ZOLO..For now what other cameras would you recomend so I can capture decent useful footage for small film projects?

  6. Hi great vids btw. question, my camera works sometimes and other times it don't. works on first flight and if i crash or something it won't work after that it seams until I download the video off, reset everything and go again. any advice would be appreciated.


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