DM DM106 FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This 720p HD camera drone includes a controller that’s a clone of the Wingsland R6 controller. Find it here with $4 coupon HY4DMD Pro’s …


  1. Hello my name is Randy, how are you, hope all is well, ok reason I texting you is because I have a problem that I don't understand, I have the DM 107 with duel control, my problem is with one of my prop propellers is not running when starting up all are rotation but one I don't know if it's wear or what can you give me some advice on the motor situation? 2 I am all so haveing trimming problem I don't know how to trim using the duel remote control for the bird that I have can you explain the use of the remote that goes with the DM 107,

  2. Hallo Quadcopter 101. I have made subtitle and translated this your video into Indonesian language because many your fans from Indonesia and I'm one of it (LOL). I hope you like it, just check it out first. Thanks anyway

  3. Terrible camera and jello indeed. And the folding props on such a drone are silly. I seem to remember that the DM 107s you testet was way better. Of that there is a optical flow version out by now. Maybe you should test that.


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