DJI’s Phantom 4 is the drone we’ve been waiting for


It’s the first consumer drone that can see the world, dodge obstacles, and track humans. Check out this YouTube playlist for more Drone videos from The Verge: …


  1. My phantom 4 flew itself into the ground on my fourth flight and dji is refusing to fix it, so much for their claims on it's sensor system, when I was bringing it down the remote control stopped communicating with the drone so I guess it was my fault their computer setup failed, time to find a different drone company…

  2. One thing I hate about the dji phantom 4 is you get alot of attention. For example i live in a poor country but me and my family have more money than most of the people in my street so when ever i fly people come really close to me and ask me if I can let them fly it so i can only fly it a few minutes before getting asked and have to go back into my house


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