DJI’s new drone camera is also a super smooth handheld — CES 2015


A new camera mount for the DJI Inpire One drone can also be detached and used on foot. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: …


  1. I wonder if they will get a similar product @ DJI like the Nebula 4000 (a handheld stabilizer that can hold my Panasonic FZ1000). I think I will wait a couple of months before buying the Nebula now…..more products might show up and prices might get lower on the internet like Ebay or Amazon….

  2. This will be really good if they made this a separate package with just the Camera and Handheld mount. It would be a good starting camera for people who want to make stabilized moving video or anything else. Plus it would be more affordable then having to buy the drone if you don't want or need to use it.


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