DJI Tello Drone, is it a great beginner drone?


The great folks at sent me the DJI Tello Drone to check out, is it a great beginner drone? Well I think so ! This is a super stable drone to fly even …


  1. Umm! Nice video. Thank you for sharing. As a Mavic pro user, the range is too little compare to 7km/5ml. But amazing for beginners and those how has project. I think DJI should have done better for the camera quality

  2. I got this drone last week and it's a blast. I just started using the Tello FPV app because it had some great features not in the original app. Also, I got the boosst package from DJI. For $99, it came with the Tello, 3 batteries, and a 3 bay battery charger.

  3. Nice review and for the price, I don't think anyone would be upset if they wrecked it. Funny how 720 just 12 years ago was the top quality, now people snub their noses at it. Cheers

  4. Also wanted to ask…had you switched the flight speed selector from Slow to Fast when you lost the Electronic Image Stabilization? Fast mode turns EIS off. Just wondered if that might have been done around the same time that you switched between still camera and video. I'll have to see if I can replicate the issue you had on my Tello.

  5. Love this little drone, which I picked up for $80 on Amazon. I also have a Mavic Air (which is a fantastic drone), but the Tello is a blast to play around with and not freak out over the possibility of a mishap. I also picked up a Xiaomi Wifi extender ($11) and a portable charger, and while the initial setup is a touch confusing, after that it is as simple as it gets to use and the range is much greater. One note: the Tello really likes a well-lit area for the visual positioning system, so turn on all the lights if you are flying inside.

  6. With a mobile powerbank and a wifi range extender it gets smoother video at greater range. Also the bluetooth controller is a nice addition but not really needed.

  7. I have the Tello, you did hit all the pluses and minuses, it is what it is, beginner starter. It really does stay rock solid in a hover on a windless day. I hate to call it a toy, with the potential of being slightly more than a toy. I like mine, but I could have put the $ 99 toward another Spark battery. Excellent review.

  8. Nice at currently $79, and I can see someone just getting into drones might want to use this before investing the $1000 on a real drone. Love to see if they update the firrmware to correct the obvious problems.

  9. Wow that thing is small. I like your amazon link as it shows it to be only $79 vs gearbest at $120. I'm still saving for the Mavic Pro 2, if you find it on a great sale, let me know as I am ready to pull the trigger but want to save some $$$


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