DJI Spark vs DJI Mavic vs Super Cheap Bug 3 $130 Drone


Bug 3 $130 drone vs DJI Spark $500 drone vs DJI Mavic $999 drone. Which one would you want? Buy the DJI Spark: Fly …


  1. PFFFFFFFFFFFFF "There are no warnings about moving throttle sticks will make the Bug3 [cheap drone] go up"

    And offcourse it does not have a gimbal, gps, obstacle avoidance and RTL etc. cause it is 130 drone.

    And one more thing : "Its much more in line with racing drone" BULLCRAP
    this is how real drone flyes :
    and if u still think its soooooo touchy try to borrow one of real racers GOOD LUCK.

    BTW: I love dji proucts but i dont realy like people who buy them and have no skills whatsoever so they think this is how real drone flyes. And the result of this is they are telling everybody they are PRO drone pilots cause they can fly on sport mode.
    But i does not have problem with other kinds of dji or camera drone users att all.

  2. Dji spark is amazing with the controller. I get over 13 minutes flight time. I have flown it in heavy wind with absolutely no problem, and fly it to a mile all the time. You really dont need to go over a mile. You really get to experience what an amazing drone does like return to home, and amazing videos for a great price. It's worth spending a couple extra hundred dollar on the spark. Honestly I haven't been left wanting the mavic at all. I love the spark. I do have 6 batteries and a car charger also so I can keep flying if I want

  3. The Bugs 3 is an awesome quadcopter! But you have to learn to fly it! Lol, And I don’t mean turn on the switch, press a few buttons and let automation take over. One has to develop skill and proficiency to control the pitch, yaw, roll and velocity of the aircraft. Clearly you are not skillful nor proficient at piloting model aircraft. Why are you making informative videos without proper ability or credentials?

  4. Love my spark, I did buy 2 extra batteries for it and a quick charging strip for the 3 batteries. However It would be a lot nicer if a got more than 13 Min of Flight time. And more than a 1.2 mile range, 2 mile with dish booster. The Mavic Platinum is probably the better way to go. Even the Air would be better.

  5. I just got the Spark Flymore package here in the UK and for my business work it is a dream come true. Ticks all my boxes ad the footage i am getting is amazing. I doubt i would upgrade as it is a fantastic, easy and stable drone and small enough to take and fly anywhere required. Great video

  6. They are like tools for a job got to have the right tool.if you are around lots of people and don't want to cause a scene then the spark is great! Out in a bigger area mavic or phantoms and big air nice footage inspire is your ticket.

  7. mjx bugs 3 is my first drone. it takes a week to learn. its very challengin… full manual and fun haha…
    now, I use dji spark as I want to learn drone photography, and its very good….

  8. The Bugs 3/F100 isn't for videography. It's a beginner drone for people who want to fly, not people who can drop $1000 on a camera. Most people who purchase the Bugs/F100 are more hack oriented and are more likely to use their drone for cheap FPV flight through a cheap 1080p keychain camera and a standalone battery and transmitter for real-time flight at roughly $18 additional. You'll also notice that the F100 can take an 11.1v setup for even more power and offers a very hackable frame.
    Given the space, the F100 is a far better tool to learn flying manually and teaching yourself how to handle a drone with only the basic horizon hold. Given the money, and the task, I say that the F100 is the superior drone due to it's no apologies flight experience, and lack of computerized assists as well as the taste of brushless motor power. It's also a great step up from a brushed geared alt hold drone like the Force 1 Blue Heron.

  9. Non professionals such as myself view it like the difference between a full size DSLR vs a Crop sensor DSLR, where the level of satisfaction is suitable for the purpose of use.. And now that the Spark is offered by DJI for $399 to include a free controller makes it even more attractive and affordable (B&H is also offering it for $399 with a free controller).. Even though the Spark does not offer as much in terms of features – to some the extra features are of little to no interest, and some would never use many of the extra features.. It is like a Cadilac is nice but a Buick will still get you to and from the grocery store and still offer a level of comfort as well.. This is all true with anything, boats, cars, cameras, archery equipment etc. The top of the line is great but for many the mid lines are more than adequate for the purpose of use.. Many times people opt for over-kill and end up spending way more than they actually need to.. If someone would give me a Mavic I would take it but if I am going to buy one then it would be the Spark.. If you hurry then you can get a Yuneec Breeze with a free controller from Walmart (online site) for $149.. It is a pretty good quadcopter within it's limitations (and if you apply for their credit card then you get a $25 credit on your card – which brings the price down to $124, extra money to buy a spare battery for $30).. lol

  10. I got the spark fly more combo as second hand. It works really well. I'm impressed. I do have a question about the app. Would you know how I can rename the drone? Because it still has the details from the previous owner. Thanks

  11. I know this is an old video but it popped on my feed and I had to comment: The bugs 3 simply doesn't belong in this film. And the content creator clearly shows lack of knowledge having "read the manual" but then expected the bugs 3 to hover and be GPS locked. As he stated the Bugs 3 has none of these features, the Bugs 3 is built to a price point. Bugs 3 is designed for people to learn to fly, get into the hobby cheaply and enjoy crashing without having a cry as your $800 drone slams into the floor, so as a first or learning drone it's actually a brilliant move. You can even upgrade it to have FPV, a decent gimbal and 4k camera, best of all it takes 3S Lipo's out the box so can either carry a large load or fly at some seriously grin inducing speeds. Not having GPS and all the toys to hold your hand while learning to fly also means when you do upgrade you will be a better a equipped pilot as technology often fails the guy who learnt without the training wheels will be less likely to crash down the line when it will be $$$$ not $$. Speaking of price currently you can get the Bugs 3 for $70. I have love for the Bugs 3 it was my first drone and it was painful to watch this video's commentary on the subject, you did yourself and the product no justice at all.

  12. Dude I bought a bugs 3 for the price you said and like you said it shot straight up I however wasn't fortunate enough to whip it back down and it flew away at like 250 feet the first min of use I bought a Spark we got a little gay love thing going on cuz Sparky is a dude I fly it any chance I get. I'm looking at either a Mavic P4 or wait till the next gen and see. But damn I wouldn't mind having bugs back still got all the now useless remote etc I got the fly more too blue it was a surprise as i missed the sticker color indicator on box top oh well wouldn't trade Sparky Smurf for nuthin.

  13. The Bugs 2C/2W have GPS and altitude hold and a range of 1,000 meters with a 18 min. Battery. Also you can get the upgrade legs and gimbal for the 2C/2W. Also all the features of RTH is suited for beginners. Using the Bugs 3 in a comparison with any DJI drone was a unfair comparison. The bugs 3 is a bare bones camera drone for experienced pilots. Which one is cheaper to lose? The Bugs 2C/2W at $200 or $1,000 or better Mavic. As a beginner you are more likely to panic and crash when faced with certain conditions. The sensible purchase is start out low and work your way up in experience. Learn the fundementals and be a better pilot first. If not, it will get very expensive really quick.

  14. This is the dumbest comparison I've ever seen!!!
    There are toy drones, and here are fpv drones, then are camera drones (that can technically can be fpv drones) and there are fpv race drones, Don't call yourself a fpv pilot cuz you fly a dji anything with goggles. You want to compare a inexpensive camera drone to the mid level DJI spark or high end mavic pro (notice the word pro… Good hint the spark is not in the same level. Another good hint would be DJI web site… Why compare the two? The manufacturer already does!!) Then learn the hobby basics, DJI isn't making fpv drones, it's making flying cameras. Mjx isn't making flying cameras it's making beginner to hobby class race drones, if you get the pro version it comes with Gogles and a camera and can be flown fpv. Compare a bugs 3 to a 6" alien with kiss esc's compare a hornet 2 to a spark or mavic, but don't down play the bugs series because you can't fly a drone, you can fly a camera. I'm not trying to compare a porche to a motorcycle, and say it's no wonder the motorcycle doesn't have any way to keep the wind off you like the porche that has windows and a heater, it is only a fraction of the price and can't expect it to have those features for that little amount of money. Hey d-bag. Go buy a alien 250mm pre built with fatshark goggles and tell me how well the mavic pro does doing flips and rolls like a real fpv quad, cost is about the same. Since you want to compare apples to soup might as well spend the same amount of money on both. At least then you learn that your not flying a drone! Your comparing quad's. One it a camera drone, one is a racer. D-bag

  15. The bugs 3 is a Fantastic first drone if you want to learn how to Fly like a real UAV pilot and plan to get into racing drones, not the Fu-fu photography drones.

    I started with the bugs 3 that lead me to learning ALOT about the hobby now I’ve built 3 racing drones from scratch, helped many friends build their drones, teach classes, have all kinds of high quality FPV equipment and currently am gutting the Bugs to put high end parts in and turn it into a Acro able craft.

    I owe everything in this hobby to the good ol Bugs 3. I recommend it to everyone who asks about a “first drone”

  16. Hello I have the experience of DJI spark and it was my experience good but the quality and photographing the video and Photo was not a good and not HD enough why?

    But your video show us full HD and clear videos

  17. Nowhere close to the same class and it's not supposed to be, but I love my B3 just the same. YouTube is full of outstanding examples of footage shot with a cheap action cam on a B3.

  18. Perhaps you could compare the dji to something more similar yet cheaper, the bugz 3 is the worst choice for any comparison, for a little more you could get the bugz 2 or the Hubsan 501s, both of Wich have gps, altitude hold and 1080p cameras with the ability to carry a ln action cam, you are way off with this comparison…

  19. Probably the best bet for a beginner, would be the Hubsan H501S. They're known to have a few "issues", but, the latest incarnation…the x4 h501ss, with the standard controller, has alot of features for the money, at a good price point. They can be had for around $200, or less, if you look. No gimbal, but, decent 1080p video, a controller with a built in screen, and fpv, and customizable flight modes…GPS, altitude hold, and full manual. The batteries can be had for $10- $20, and give 15-20 min of flight time. Control range is well beyond sight, and fpv is good for somewhere between 150-200 mtrs, but a simple $15 upgrade will usually double that. Customer service is give or take, but, for the money, it's worth a shot.


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