DJI Spark vs DJI Mavic Pro – RIZKNOWS Drone Reviews


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  1. The price is not that easily explained. If you put everything the fly more kit has in a mavic, Extra battery (89), multi charger (59), extra props (30 for full set), guards (15), bag to carry all of that (59). You are left with a price tag of around 1250 for the mavic and 699 for the spark. Still about a 500 difference.

    Another thing lost, no pun intended, is that if you lose a mavic, which happens as we know, it's 1000 to replace. The spark on the other hand can be bought for 500 because you don't need to by the full kit again. So in that unfortunately too often senerio the total comes to about 2250 for the mavic and 1200 for the spark.

  2. Spark should not be compared to Mavic  Pro at twice the cost.  Like comparing apples to oranges.  The spark is for a niche, for portability, convenience, low price, for use in countries where a license is not needed for a small drone, etc.


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