DJI SPARK vs DJI MAVIC PRO – Leaks & Rumours – which DRONE should I BUY?


CLICK HERE to see the UPDATED DJI SPARK video DJI mavic pro is a fantastic drone, but DJI have just came out with they are announcing a NEW product, possibly…


  1. I know the 4 days has passed, but I wouldn't recommend the Mavic Pro as a first drone. You should really toy around with a cheapo one to see if it's something you like, that you'll even use and just to practice piloting the thing. Also don't forget to include price of extra batteries in your budget. Remember too that if you want a controller like the Mavic Pro on the Spark, that comes at a price of $150 if purchased separately from the combo pack. By the time you get that, it'll seem like you're close to the Mavic Pro price. But again, don't forget extra battery costs.

  2. i will stick to Mavic as it is consider more to the high-end model at the same time though its size is not as small as Spark, but so wat? Its size already small enough to satisfy a traveller's expectation? Besides that, it is confirm that the Spark cannot be folded, thus making it no much smaller than the Mavic especially when the Mavic is folded up.

  3. I saw the announcement today and immediately ordered the fly more combo for the spark. I already have the Mavic… But the spark will serve as a go-between. For the size it looks pretty awesome. The only thing I don't like about the Mavic is that the gimbal is incredibly delicate. The gimbal on the spark looks much less likely to be damaged. But we shall see.

  4. The day after launching, I recommended to buy a mavic. Mavic is worth to buy it. Not just because the flight rage. My concern is the spark is it capable handle the strong wind? Because he is too tiny to compare with mavic.

    After this spark launch few months I am going to buy a damn mavic to be my one of the collection.

  5. The spark looks amazing. But I think it would be cool for casual chill events and moments, bday parties etc.
    The Mavic is the one we need though. The longer battery, 4k and range is important if you want to shoot video and do edits later obviously. But no doubt, the Spark is gonna sell like a motherfucker as it's unbelievably compact.
    If I had the cash I would get both, the Spark could be used for some awesome shots the Mavic just won't be able to pull off…like real tight spaces. I'm taking the plunge and getting one month end 😀

  6. after watching the new DJI Spark announcement, I still recommend to buy the Mavic Pro, the spark is perfect as a secondary drone for simple quick photos and videos, the Mavic has a longer range and flight time, and the videos are just stunning on a Mavic

  7. Only a few more hours until DJI reveal the new product… will it be the Spark? Once they release the new product I will do an update video with my thoughts and decision about which drone I will choose! Which one will you choose?!

  8. hands down mavic, im no expert but if the spark is going to be half the size of the mavic, what can it do better than the mavic really? the mavic is already so tiny! was planning to buy the mavic anyway, but will delay it for abit, they should've made a better version of the mavic pro imo, would've been cool.

  9. I'm in the very same position. I plan on pre-ordering the spark, and when it comes it will be very sought after so I'm sure I can test it out for a few days and if I decide I'd rather have a mavic I can sell it, or perhaps even trade a magic owner for theirs.

  10. Mavic Pro!
    Mavic has Dedicated controller. And…(Probably) less subject to wind and weather; more likely to be blown about in a breeze. (Probably) More refined software. (Probably) more durable. (Probably) make you happier in a wider variety of situations; more flexibility. (Probably) significantly more battery life. Still excellent size and encasement for travel.


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