DJI SPARK – Should You Get It? Best Drone of 2017?


My thoughts on the new DJI Spark! This drone is going to be an awesome drone for a ton of people. DJI Spark: DJI Mavic Pro: DJI Goggles:


  1. It's a good drone, due to the size and features but for the prize with no accessories like a controller or stabilization for the camera, its not worth it. If I'm going to spend that much money might as well save up for the premium drones like the Mavic.

  2. Great Video ! I was going to get a Mavic but then the Spark came out and after looking at a ton of videos the spark will be great for me just fun videos and maybe take it to some car shows because of the small size I can just put it in the street rod and take it with me. Hope they ship on time
    Thanks again Bob

  3. Hi again Game Changer. Yeah, I'm with WanderWorx on this. Both are good products. I believe that for fun and personal photography the Spark may be the way to go. It looks like a fun drone to fly. However, for me the Mavic offers so much more it's my pick. I do own a Mavic. I do not own a Spark.

  4. Hi Game Changer. Good question but wondering what are your basic photographic purposes? Do they include making money or just personal use. If I'm butting in please let me know. Enjoy which ever drone you get.

  5. I'm buying the spark as a first drone. Will buy the Mavic Pro 2 when it comes out. Not gunna spend 600$ more on the Mavic when they will be releasing Mavic 2.0 in 6-10 months

  6. I'm not a professional filmmaker I just enjoyed a hobby I'm active person do a lot of extreme sports like kite boarding. And filming myself is a whole Nother level but I totally enjoyed

  7. Thanks for the awesome overview!

    I currently have an $80 toy drone (my first quad), and have been looking into buying my first 'professional' drone for a little while. What I really want is something relatively inexpensive (I am a college student) that I can fly confidently from distances, or over water (My parents live on a lake, and I'd really like to take videos and pictures out on the boat) and has decent image quality.ย I was so excited when this was announced, as it is exactly what I have been looking for. A nice drone with GPS andย 1080 video for less than $1000, and I think the palm gestures will be perfect for take-off/landing on the boat.ย I don't really care that the flymore package costs an extra $200, as an extra battery, charger, and a few other small accessories for the Mavic would run somebody about $200 as well. Having to pay extra for the controller isn't ideal, but I feel that it's offset by the extremely low cost of extra batteries. I'm planning on saving up for the Spark, and using that time to see the reviews after the full production models are released next month.

  8. The batteries cost half of the Mavic's batteries, so it compensates. I think it is great and I am going to get one. It wold be great if the Fly More combo was 599 USD. After all you need 2 batteries, at least. The charger is a bit big. I am not so interested in 4K, I bet the advantage about the Mavic is that it may do better to fly over water on a breezy day. +WanderWorx what do you use the 4K footage mostly for? Also do you have an update about countries who have issues with drones / quadcopters?

  9. Yep, must have watched a couple dozen vids on the Spark in the last 20 hours. Some nice tech but I have to agree with many on your channel and many more on other channels. And that is the Spark is pretty limited without the Flymore package. However I do agree with you that even the basic package will have a certain demographic. I probably would consider the Spark if I didn't already have the Mavic. But I do and in time I will upgrade.

  10. I just ordered it yesterday and I am super excited! We have a DJI Phantom and we are planning a trip to Europe later this year and one of the issues was that the drone took so much space. I literally didn't know anything about the Spark until really yesterday and got me so excited because we don't have to worry about space and all of the costumes/airline stuff. I will have to let you know about it. It's pricey for the regular person but super affordable and you are probably getting more for what you are paying for.

  11. Without the $150 controller that's NOT included in the Spark's $500 price tag, you're limited to using the spark to it's full capabilities as advertised. A flight time of 15 minutes will force you to purchase a $50 additional battery. That's $700 for a drone just to do selfies and because it's small???? Nah, I'll pass on the spark.

  12. Well it still not cheap, $499 but you don't get the controller, $149 extra for a controller then you need an extra battery and that's another $49…..when you start to add the accessories your better off with a mavic!

  13. Spark is a cool idea but I still think Mavic is best of both worlds. Smaller like toy size with more pro capabilities. I think Spark is great for people who maybe lack confidence in flying or for kids who want to get started with video.


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