DJI Spark, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire – How to decide which Drone to buy & how to film?


If you’re planning to get yourself a drone but you don’t know which model suits your needs (and your purse), I have some insights for you to help you make a …


  1. Hey Christoph Great Video! I live in California in the Bay Area. Being close to the Coast, It can get pretty windy. Do you think the Mavic and handle moderate winds? Thank you for all your help!

  2. I got the Mavic, mainly for its portability and because I enjoy flying. The camera is more a bonus although it's great to get some good footage or explore somewhere you can't go on foot.

  3. That is the totally true first I had inspire one and the Phantoms 3-4 carrying a big drones is a hassle and time-consuming to set it up for sure.. So I sold both all 3 of them for the mavic pro portable ease-of-use i'm always on to go with the platform design totally awesome now I pre-order the spark combo


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