DJI SPARK KILLER?! – 4K Feima Robotics J.ME Drone Review – Part 2 – Flight Test / Pros & Cons


Enjoy Part 2 of my multi-part review series for the new Spark / Mavic competitor J.ME Drone! Get it here The J.ME offers some big …


  1. Hi. I have a problem with the drone's battery.
    I press the power button and the drone does not turn on, the battery marks green led and it does not turn off it takes about 18 hours as well. When I insert the battery into the drone, it marks the front power LED in green and does not turn off either. I give it a push to turn on the drone and nothing happens, it just stays green.

  2. I have one of these and it stopped advancing my career stats. Flown it 10+ times and taken many videos. Still shows only 25 mins of flight time and shows no videos taken. Can't get in touch with Feimar. how did you get in touch with them.

  3. The great benefit with DJI drones is the great gimbal system and the range in combination with HD live stream and the APP. For me it is like fascinating that for example the Phantom4 have a max distance of some miles with perfect video stream without lag etc..If other companies can do that as well i would consider them. Often those companies release pretty good drones but then you get wifi only with 300m distance ^^. The Spark video seems to be more stable

  4. Hey Dustin, thanks for the great, informative reviews. I feel like I have a thorough understanding of a particular drone after watching your videos. I am looking at getting a drone around the $400 or under price range. I found the spark on sale and I am leaning towards it. Do you have any other recommendations? I am looking for flight range and video/picture quality as primary drivers although added features would be nice. Thanks again for the great work!!

  5. Definitely this is not a spark killer. Video and stabilization lack and not usable. Also if the camera sensor is not that great 4k doesn't make it better, u better off with a good better sensor in 1080P, Test those first and then make the title please. If u want a drone for flying there are much more fun and cheaper drones on the market.

  6. Hi Dustin, ย although I have subscribed i have just now watched this review, as always great job!
    It looks like you are missing a prop at the end of your review…did i miss something?

  7. Think I'm definitely get this over the spark because this thing even teaches you how to fly I don't like app control drones but this app is so cool because it shows you what the joysticks mean and that's the one thing I've always had a problem in the flying I always forget which is on the right which is on the left because I have some brain issues with my brain unfortunately I suffer from bipolar agoraphobia body dysmorphic disease and I have problems with my brain trying to remember sometimes things so this would be perfect cuz if put my thumb on it it'll turn left it'll turn right you know when it will stop so this is probably going to buy I'll definitely get some extra batteries but yeah this will be the Drone the DJI spark I'll pass on this is the one I'll get it because just for the app alone I love the app it's really amazing and the 4K video is incredibly clear and I just wanted something to you know take video of my dog with and when it snows and stuff like that you know and just have fun with it and learn how to fly and with this app on the phone I don't have to be afraid of that no more this can teach me how to fly which is perfect plus I live right near a cell tower so that's a great bonus so I am going to definitely order that this week

  8. Would you recommend this over the spark by any chance I mean I really really liked the way on the app which I don't like phone apps like I said but this phone app looks really cool because it tells you what is up what is down you know it makes it more simple for you you know you know it just makes it more easier so would you recommend this over the spark if it was you

  9. I'm wondering, when you switch the video to 1080p, does it crop from the 4k or scale it? If it crops it, it may be able to do yaw stabilization digitally, but not in 4k since 4k would use the whole sensor. I'd be interested to see a comparison between the shooting modes with thus drone… and way points.

  10. Great review Dustin. I'd have to go with the Spark due to better gimbal stability (even if its 1080p), and better functioning flying modes. I think this a great drone, video stability is ok and picture quality is fantastic but I think the price point is a bit high. What do you think?

  11. I want to point out that everything you said is true, however people should consider that they're all fixable via firmware updates. The only hardware drawback is the gimbal, it doesn't seem as steady as the spark and it doesn't look fully down.

  12. Totally new to this subject, but from what I have seen it appears the DJI Spark is the best entry level drone. Want to use it for travel but will the drone work with your iPhone even if you are in a country that does not support your phones calling protocol.


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