DJI Spark Beginners Guide – Get Ready to Fly!


Here is everything you need to know to get ready to fly your DJI Spark! This is your complete beginners guide! Get the checklist here: DJI …


  1. Great video, I have one question, If you are using your phone to control the drone and all of a sudden your phone rings, does it mess up your controls of the drone? Thank You

  2. Great vid for a rookie (me). Picking up a Spark tomorrow & plan to use for kayak fishing vids this spring. Let's hope I don't loose it in the drink! LOL. I'll watch a few more vids & practice.

  3. Hey Jeven Dovey, Do you guys know the Karen people? I saw a lady wear a Karen woman shirt next to an elephant in your phone background where you show the drone apps. I am Karen so I was just wondering if you guys know the Karen people from Thailand? Thank

  4. Jeven, I love your videos, but since this vid especially is a kind of beginner video, I think you should mention not to calibrate the compass near any radio equipment, or metal. That could make for a real problem if they don't know how important it is to do it in a non metal area. Thanks. Marc

  5. Awesome video, I am also 68 and I am going to get my first drone and watch this video a few more times before I venture to the outdoors and as you said: play, play and play some more till I get it right .. Thanks for your instructions! ! !

  6. Just got a spark 4 days ago, and have watched many vids about it. this is the first decent guide to what it can do and how to do it. It is my first real drone and it is unbelievably awesome. The previous quad was a syma x5c which I thought was cool at the time, but the spark is a completely different thing. I have not had much time to fly it yet but have made 2 test vids that are on my channel. Thanks for your vid, great guide

  7. Hello sir, thank you for all your hard work. Love your videos. My question and recommendation.
    Can you please make a video on using ND filters by POLARPRO on the DJI Spark please. I have searched many online videos but nothing on the dji spark.
    Thank you

  8. Just purchased the spark and I hope that you are making a good living from these videos because in the Wild West of Youtube, this video an example of some of the best out there for peer to peer teaching. I can’t express how impressed I am with how much information you pack into this video without any self promotion and with instruction/explanation akin to an Ivy League prof. You anticipate the questions beginners will have as you go through and you actually explain basic photography better than most ‘basic photo instruction’ vids and that in itself is amazing for a subtopic of a specific product. Cheers to you mate. I really hope you you appreciate your talent for teaching. Whether the video took you 30 minutes or 30 days, it’s an invaluable resource for those of us that are lucky enough to find it amidst a sea of not so great videos. Thank you for your video. The quality shows your passion for your craft. Keep up your talent dude, (and don’t ever feel the need to explain to the audience why you’re sweaty, you’re to legit to qualify anything you have in your videos 🙂 cheers


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