DJI Spark: $500 Vlog & Selfie Drone


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  1. I remember listening to one of your podcasts & Tony was trying to predict the future & he said something to the effect of there's gonna be little personal selfie drones zinging around.. I feel like the dji spark is the start of that prediction in reality.

  2. A guy in Seattle got a sentence of 30 days in jail. He was photographing a parade and his drone crashed into a building. It then fell and injured a person

  3. Not your best work guys. I came here after watching 6-7 other reviews that actually flew the Spark and what everyone is NOT talking about is how much the lack of the 3rd axis will impact video. it's going to look like a bad CCTV security camera in the side to side pans. Without that 3rd axis it will start and stop very abruptly which is okay for the camera phone generation I guess but is going to look really jerky in practice.

    I Normally love your segments, this one felt a bit flat, like you guys were not that into it and just going through the motions.

    I was hoping for your normally very detailed review like you do with the Sony cameras you love so much.

  4. Wonder long before DJI has to start including the propeller guards standard as they are positioning this as selfie drone and told all the pre-reviews that had to have guards on for the selfie mode. Since this is geared toward family and teens, I see few people getting cut by the blades and going after DJI for not providing the blade protection. Kind of like the Wii when people were tossing their controls until they offered the controller strap in the box. Kind of surprised they missed that since those spinning blades near someone's face inprotected is not a he best idea.

  5. How come you didn't get one from DJI – every man and his dog were sent pre-release ones – I'm surprised you were left out. By the way it's not "electronic image stabilisation" – they list it as "mechanical image stabilisation". Good comparison with Mavic – once you mentioned that Mavic (at $1000) includes controller vs. Spark at $500 + $200 controller it makes the Spark a little less appealing. Both amazing products.

  6. Hey guys, I just thought of another great use for this… And really any drone. I know a lot of people who are deaf and Use Asl so they could definitely appreciate being able to take video of themselves signing hands-free while out and about.


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