DJI Ryze Tello Drone – Is the camera any good?


Purchase the DJI Ryze Tello Drone from Amazon here: In this short review, I focus on the camera and video quality of the DJI Tello drone.


  1. Check out TelloFpv app for android. Adds return to home, usb gamepad controllers, tuning for expo and rate, dual rate, fpv trainer mode with dual controllers, advanced video settings to reduce frame drop, …

  2. I try cleaning the lens with a Qtip cleaners with windex and it seems like a ruin the camera lens. The picture,video and what I see on my iPad screen looks foggy. I try cleaning but the hole is to small. Any idea how to take it apart and clean the lens. A video would be nice. There’s nothing on YouTube

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  4. interesting video, I was looking for a drone just for fun, ie; fishing, etc. what kind of range am I looking at? both up and away? do not want to get too close to water for obvious reasons of course but wanted a birds eye view when me or someone else gets a fish? thank you

  5. The jerkiness you are seeing is probably judder. This happens when your viewer is not using the same frame rate as the camera's footage. It is very hard to take out, though pro video editing software can correct much of it with optical flow.

  6. Actually, I'm really excited to see manufactures (especially DJI) working on small ultralightweight drones like this. With our current Canadian Transport Canada legislation on UAV's , this little drone sails right under all the regs with it's light weight. Pretty much anything under 250 grams is exempt from the regs, so small drones being developed like this will allow a lot of people to still enjoy the hobby, without the hassle of trying to follow all the draconian regulations. I had a Phantom and loved flying it, but sold it a year ago due to all the restrictions placed on it by it's size. I might just pick one of these Tello's up so that I can get the buzz from flying again, without worrying about whether or not I'm breaking the law. If they can build this much tech into an 80 gram drone I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Lol, just hoping they keep it under 250 grams! 🙂

  7. Looking forward to the arrival of mine. One thing to note: the drone comes with propeller guards fitted. If you're flying around trees and crashing into them, presumably leaving the guards on would be a better idea? Folk using this video as prime reference might not realise this.

  8. Most DJI footage from even more expensive models have that choppy look to it at lower frame rates. It also gets worse in wind and sport flying. Why, you ask? Because that's how DJI gives the appearance of smooth stable video. It drops frames that are out of allignment with the rest. Stuttering is also caused by poor wifi signal. Prioritizes control signal over video latency.

  9. There are "knock offs" showing up. (I'm not going to promote those brands ) Half the price with some extra features(camera tilt, TX INCLUDED ) They DO NOT have the image stabilization – so that alone might justify the cost diff. Waiting for RYZE to add the camera tilt and maybe try to be a bit more price competitive.


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