DJI Ronin-S For Beginners | YOUR Questions Answered


Jump To: 00:30 Sample Footage (Un-edited) 01:14 Unboxing 01:42 Basic Setup 02:05 Set up and Balancing 04:21 Auto Tune 04:54 Do I Balance Every time?


  1. Hello, that's a good video
    But what about active track?
    In the Zhiyun Crane app you can select Active Track.
    But that's not the case with the Ronin S.
    How can I track an object there?
    I think without Active Track, the tracking is not as soft as the Zhiyun Crane 2
    What do you think?

  2. My brother is a camera guy and recently had the opportunity to use a gimbal. He was excited and it’s interesting to see how much is involved in using this! I’ll be sharing this with him. Thank you.

  3. Did you stabilize the shots in post? There is a bit of warping in the first few clips. I have a Zhuiyun
    Crane V2. It works okay with my GH5. I would love to get the Ronin S, but no real need for it, now. Thanks for sharing

  4. I need a drone that can life some electronics mounted to the bottom of the drone.
    The weight i need to haul up is apx 2 lbs.
    should not mask downward looking sensors ( sensors outboard of bottom mounted electronics ).


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