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DJI Phantom Multi Rotor Quad Copter Drone See price on Amazon: DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone with 4K Video The new killer features that make…


  1. Thanks heaps
    I don't have a drone or quad, but am researching what best suits my needs.
    I'm in to RC cars and like the phantom 4 follow ability, would a cool to follow my cars around.
    Loved your prop guard idea, and the different colour idea is just so sensible.
    Lexan plates again great! I have some much spare lexan from my car bodies.
    The updated props I think I'll probably get standard as I lean toward the DJI 4.
    I have a go pro black that I mount to my cars, so I have thought about the 3DR, which has just had a $700 price drop. So $1,100 AUD compared to the DJI 4 $2,400 AUD.
    Your tips on satellite check as a newbie fantastic info.
    Great upload for anyone looking to get in to the hobby/sport.


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