DJI Phantom 4 Review – Cinematic Aerial Photography


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  1. What distance did you let it fly off to? could you see it or was you looking through your screen? I'm still a bit reluctant to let it go to far but I want to film more of what I can't get to but still need some Dutch courage LOL.

  2. hi Tom , great video as always. I recently got he new phantom 4 pro with the integrated screen. yaay so excited :)…the problem tho is that I cant live stream or broadcast via facebook or youtube due to that integrated screen offcource being not a phone with internet service.. do you know any solution to this problem? other than maybe the mistake i made ordering the integrated screen 🙁 thank you and keep the good work

  3. The P4 when its on low battery 10 percent etc, it will land automatically to prevent it from crashing so it wont just come home, and if its over water it will go in, always set your warnings early, it only heads home if the signal is lost from the controller or you tell it to rth.

  4. Hello Tom. Great videos! Concerning the Phantom 4, do you feel that this is a good drone to use for more closer to the ground shots…like someone riding a horse or walking down a street? I have other Sony professional cameras, but struggle getting really smooth b-roll shots of people to add to video interviews that I do for non-profits. I am looking for something that will enable me to capture some good b-roll – allowing me to be creative – even getting some indoor shots of someone walking down a hallway or something. Do you feel that this is a good option for the cost and versatility? Thanks so much Tom. Again, great work.

  5. Thanks so much Tom! Great shots and great work all of the way around. Do you have any suggestions for accessories that are "must have" ? I am new with drones and my Phantom 4. I have only had it a few days. I was wondering about what ND Filters you might suggest? Thanks again Tom!

  6. Hey Tom, great review as always! I had my Phantom 4 take an unexpected dive into a lake recently and sink to the bottom. Wasn't able to recover it. But using the flight logs that are recorded on the app DJI was able to investigate. They never gave me a full explanation of what they determined to be the cause, but they did offer me a great discount on a new Phantom 4. They even let me buy it at an even lower price without another controller and charger. It just came in yesterday, and I will try to keep this one dry!

  7. Thanks for the review Tom! …I was on the fence about pulling the trigger but after watching your sample shots I pulled it! I got the package deal with the extra battery from B&H. …using your link! 🙂


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