DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone REVIEW (vs Mavic, Phantom 4)


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  1. hey guys so I got a problem lately, because my twin brother, a friend and I we want to start making films and great pictures. My brother and my friend want to get a camera and I don't know if I shall buy a drone or a camera, because a camera I could take it with me everyday and just make casual shots. And I don't know if a drone is worth the money ( I am 14 so I don't have a lot of cash). I am worried that I will regret getting a drone, when I realise that I can't use it everyday and not on every location, I am scared that I will only use it for certain occasions. But for a camera I'm sure I'll use it a lot. And when I decide to get a drone I'll only be able to do drone footage.

  2. Ugh this video made me even more confused! Ha. Been researching and comparing the P4 Pro vs the Mavic for days and still can't decide. If the video and pictures in the Mavic aren't THAT much more noticeable then P4 pro I would have to think the portability of the Mavic wins. And yet the P pro is safer to fly…back to the drawing board

  3. Awesome! 4K, but you have to have a 4K monitor or TV to view it in higher resolution, NO? You can boost battery life and range with some accessories or do what I did. A personal user MOD to fly longer and much farther. Modding the controller is the most important step, then you can MOD the drone which with this model it is not difficult to do. Still, that incredible film footage depends on what you watch it on CAD there is no such thing as a true 4K video or TV.

  4. Mavic is more than "good enough". It has had several firmware updates and with filters it really looks amazing. The only thing i want from P4 Pro is 60fps at 4K, but Mavic has a long list i cannot be without. The design, weight, portability i just cannot be without.

  5. Thanks for making this video, it's super helpful! I was torn between the three but I'm sure I'm going with the Phantom Pro 4, solely because I don't have any issue travelling with it (which it seems that's the only benefit of the Mavic), and the user experience compared to the Phantom 4 Standard just seems FAR better.

  6. why you ditch the pro last name of the mavic Pro. is well known that it isn't quite as good as the Phantom 4 pro. but its a pro drone too. surpassing a lot of drones of his range. by the way really awesome review and comparison. excellent footage

  7. What?!! You guys are in New London Connecticut? (';')… x wife from East Lyme….. I used to do research at SAIC… small world. 🙂 Excellent video as always, I'm leaning towards the P4Pro for the better image quality, it's the best size/performance value in my opinion. I agree that the focus features need some touchups. Thumbs up all the way for another excellent video you two! OH, and one more thing, with the object avoidance front, sides, back, when you're flying commercially, not crashing along with image quality is at the top of my list, insurance is ridiculously expensive. Ok, that's it. 🙂

  8. +Tony & Chelsea Northrup You guys didn't comment on the aliasing/moire of the Mavic @ 1080p 60 fps. You made many comments about the photography side of things (which I understand why). Have you experienced the aliasing?


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