DJI Phantom 4 Getting Started Guide. Charging, Calibration, Activating, Flight Controls


I take you through all the steps from box to flying field and show you how to charge, setup and activate your new Phantom 4. Support my channel and buy from …


  1. Many thanks My Friend. I will be making my first flight with my New Phantom 4 as soon as the weather clears. Well, itโ€™s new to me. Only has 21 flight minutes on it. This video was a huge help. Again thank you Sir!!!

  2. Marionville Multirotors how's you? sir i am using phantom 4 advanced, i just want your help that how i can mount a night vision device with my drone to get a night view. I will be really thankful to you for your guidance.

  3. How come when I press on compass calibration it will do nothing ,it's kinda likeThe screen is's been that way since I bought it brand new a couple weeks ago I have flown it in beginners mode but it won't do nothing when I press on compass calibration.

  4. Finally, now I know what all the buttons are for! Excellent detailed video for us beginners. My Pro 4 came with a built in monitor. Now, if I could only learn how to connect that monitor to the app. Many thanks for you exceptional presentation!


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