DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review-Top Drone of 2015/2016


DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review In this video, I go full hands on with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. An affordable and professional …


  1. Great video Eric! I'm interested in aerial photography for commercial business (real estate mostly) Would you recommend the standard now in 2017 or should I save up for an advanced or pro? I'm trying to justify the price difference but I don't feel the remote/lightbridge/and 4k will be worth it for my purposes. Any thoughts? much thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Eric ! Great vid ! Thank you !I'm looking at DJI drones for filming Our back country and Alaska snowboarding trips … how much of the done is able to be broken down , so I can backpack it in … any suggestions ?

  3. Awesome review. You have an engaging style, no fluff, just useful stuff. I know this is over a year old, but I figure, by now you know this drone well. I would get one today (well, soon as Banggood refunds my H501s that never would record), but for one issue: I don't have or want a smartphone. I have a 10" tablet, but it's too big and awkward. Amazon sells cheap 7" Android tablets for $55, but I don't know whether they will work with the P3 ( I don't mean physically. I've seen tablet holders one can mount on the controller.) I need to be sure before taking the plunge. I don't plan to use the tablet like a phone, I'm remote, no service. If you know anything or can direct me elsewhere, I'll be grateful. thanks.

  4. Excellent review, thank you. I don't have a smart phone, but Amazon has cheap 7" androids for around $50. Can you tell me where to find out how the P3 operates with a tablet? I am aware of ways to extend range using parabolic antenna boosters on the controller and cloverleaf antenna on the drone, etc., so I need to know how the FPV actually works. Is there a web site or book where I can learn about this drone? Thanks so much for an awesome intro to the P3.

  5. Hey Eric, my name is Carlos and a quick question for you if that's ok? Just wondering if by chance, since you've had this Drone a while, if you know any place to get parts? Obviously I crashed mine so I chatted with DJI support and long story short, the plastic pins I need for the camera mount, they supposedly don't make or aren't available, and they recommend the complete camera and Gimble assembly (about $239) and to send it in for repair @ $65 per hour for 2 hours repair time, plus parts…. that would be basically a brand new drone! (sounds like a scam if you ask me) Appreciate any advice if you happen to have any.. I've checked a few forums that say the repair facilities are actually shrinking.. Anyway, Thanks in advance..


  6. can anyone help me choose a drone? I'm looking to spend 150 to 220 tops. I'd like to find one that has good video and camera abilities. I don't expect the best camera quality at this price but something pretty good. oh and I want one with the camera attached. I'm not going to but a gopro. thanks


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