DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review – The Best Entry Level Drone Money Can Buy


Get this bad boy here: Or here’s your alternatives: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced: DJI Phantom 3 Professional: …


  1. Getting a phantom 3 standard in a week love this video I am 13 and I have been dettasling which is very hard work i liked it and went after it by getting a job look up dettasling if your not sure what that is but anyway subbed and liked the video

  2. i love my drone, they are amazing…… BUT! do you have any advice for keeping the battery warm whilst out shooting?

    after a walk in the cold its says that the battery is too cold to fly 🙁

  3. For casual users but wants a steady drone shot, is this more than enough? haha, dji's kinda expensive but if it's premium build even for their entry level then I guess I'll save some cash for this.

  4. I heard you can't monetize videos on here without a commercial use license for the drone. Do you know anything about this? Is it worth it? I was mildly considering using a drone for wedding videography too..

  5. You are spot on when you said it is an excellent entry level drone. The images are of high quality. Of all the other drones that I have flown before with cameras, this is the best. It is a joy to fly without worrying about constantly trimming and drifting in the wind. Of my lesser quality drones that I had, I was distracted when a fly landed on my nose and crashed into a fence.
    Thank you.

  6. Great video mate, i just ordered this drone. However I've been hearing that some dji standard 3 drones are faulty and this is down to the firmware update or something like that. Do you know anything about this?

  7. Great video Adam! I agree with your evaluation. I am brand new to the world of drones and picked up my Phantom 3 Standard about 2 weeks ago. I am having a great time. To me, the video is great. Thanks for the evaluation and the tips. I've also subscribed to your Channel and am looking forward to more of your videos

    George in Florida


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