DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review – Best Drone Under $500?


Here we review the DJI Phantom 3 Standard 2.7k Drone. Find out if its the best All-In-One quadcopter for the price. More info on Phantom 3 Standard: …


  1. Okay I live out in the sticks, high up on a hilltop with rural valleys on three sides and mountains the other. I can see the ocean like 30 miles away. I would love to try a drone to explore the canyons around my home….how FAR can these things go? What is the range for RC control….oh I just heard "one kilometer range" …hmm that's like nothing …I was hoping a few miles at least. One cool thing is that a drone would immediately have high altitude the moment it left my property. Can't I put a better antenna and amplifier on the transmitter? At least for control if not receiving video signal….

  2. MN Technology, can you please search around the web for a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced for like 400 dollars. I want the advanced over the standard because the advanced uses LightBridge. The=at is a pretty big deal, because I dont like choppy live streams. So could you please search around for a cheap Phantom 3 advanced! Thx!!!

  3. Is it possible to attach cargo to this drone and if so how much do you think it could efficiently carry?

    If the remote range is 1km why is the maximum altitude set at 120m? Is it possible to change that?


  4. a great short video overview that has really got me interested in one
    I'm gonna check out your Bebob 2 review if it's up by now, but I strongly suspect it is no where near as good as the DJI because I think the Bebops are fatally flawed with battery life and dropped connections


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