DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review – Is It The Perfect Drone?


Here is finally our full review of the remarkable DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Get DJI Phantom 3 for under $1000: Get The Phantom 3 …


  1. всем привет, я послала это видео подружке ролик классный, а я только учусь создавать видео. Мне 8 лет, а ты можешь зайти на мой канал?

  2. Hey, I know it's been a while, but can you give us the low-down on the antenna mod you are using? I couldn't get a good look at it and I, living in Costa Rica, would like to use it for my P3P THANKS, and GOOD VIDEO!!

  3. Excellent review – thank you.

    Just bought one of these units as it was on sale for $799 US.  Currently have the 3 Standard and will continue to use that for the more risky assignments.

  4. hey MW Tech, im a new subscriber. I am considering getting this as birthday gift, and was wondering if its still relevant… Is it still worth it to buy this model? i know both the 4 and mavic is out now. Should i just wait until this or the newer models drop in price? Im thinking about some other stuff instead, but if i do get a drone this one was about as much as my wallet (and my moms too) could handle currently. i found a phantom 3 pro from b & h for 799. if not, ill get something else and wait till next year. thanks!

  5. Hi cool vid can you tell me about your p2 does the GoPro 4 fit ok? I was wondering because iv been talking to people about this and thay saying it won't fit in the zenmuse gimble because of the buttons on the side of GoPro

  6. Is it normal that I found this drone at the price of 221.95916 $ and it contains GoPro hero 4 + 2 bonus batteries + the backpack + of course, the drone itself. and it's brand new

  7. Purchased a Phantom 3 Professional about a year ago. I have maybe 3 hours of flight time and at least 30 hours of support time. Hours on forums, support chat, and even sent it in for repair. Biggest lemon I've ever owned. 🙁

  8. The #1ffa cant make laws, I find it so funny to see planes and google maps taking far better pics than my drone ever could being totally ignored……Total joke! The control system zombies need to zoom out and see how much they dont see….thats all…Your being played…that simple!

  9. Hi!)посмотрела видео , и хочу вот ,что сказать: тоже недавно открыла канал -может поглядите?-интересно мнение !стараюсь)


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