DJI Phantom – “25 Tips and Mods” for your Multi Rotor, Quad Copter, Drone!


A complete guide to setting up and flying the DJI Phantom quad copter. This tutorial will give you over 25 “tips” and a few suggestions for nifty MODS on your …


  1. Aie my friends , sorry for my english but i love your video , i love phantom2 , check my little modification on phantom2 on youtube, sylvain arseneault, same you i put ski on phantom for arrive to land lolll, with alluminum ski, you have the same passion of me hihihi

  2. Hi Jim, just rewatching this because I want to get a Zippy 2800 but just wondering if you could specify exactly which model it is as HobbyKing have 3 different kinds: 1 4S1P, a 6S1P and a 3S1P. Which one are you using in this video (I can't read what's on the closeup of the battery)? Or which type do you recommend? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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