DJI Osmo Pocket – 15 TIPS, TRICKS and TRAPS Plus HIDDEN FEATURES – Beginners to Advanced Filmakers


15 helpful tips for the Osmo Pocket, for beginners and advanced filmmakers. Includes tips relating to use of Osmo Pocket screen, timelapse, video quality …


  1. Great video. I'm contemplating getting the Pocket to go long with my GoPro 7, as the 7 is not all that good in recording in low light situations. One issue, well, I hope it isn't, is auto focusing. At times, I like to be able to use a cam without worrying about focusing. One reason I like the GoPro because I can use it on my bike, swimming, snorkeling etc, and focusing will be sharp from fairly close up to infinity. The Pocket, however, does not afford me that. Any tips on cam settings where I can at least have it set from about, say, 5' away to infinity without having to worry about focus hunting, which can be a bit slow with the Pocket? Thanks for a great video.

  2. I have question for you, my Osmo pocket camera connected to iPhone took nice single picture and download on PC it looks very clean & OK,
    with very same picture made movie, use movie maker program & played on then it shows only on same picture data text popped up “DCIM100MEDIADJI-3501JPG”
    Is any way can correct or resets? Doesn’t shows data text.
    I have limited computer knowledges thanks your help.

  3. Can anyone explain me about cosmo when to use it in 4k with 60fps and when to with 30fps? The same with 1080p. For example, I will take it to big fair in Germany when I would like to shoot some reviews on products there. There will be a lot of people and different lights in each stands. What will be the best setting? Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂


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