DJI MAVIC REVIEW – Best Drone For Travel?


My review of the new DJI Mavic Pro. The ability to pack a drone with the rest of my camera gear into a single bag has long been a dream of mine. Now it’s …


  1. After watching this video i fell in love with the drone. Had 4 drones before this one and none of them looked as nice as this one. First time i went to fly the drone, the ginbal camera was overheated and stop recording. Turned the drone of, let it cool down, retry. Same shit. Just that this time i lost connection with the drone within only 150 Feet. That was it. The drone didn't get any command, lost connection and visual. the controllers were dead. next thing i know, the drone was on the ground broken. Never had a drone that acted like that. Sent the drone to the manufacturer to repair, no body speaks English on that MOFO place. They hold my drone for over 30 days before they told me that they ran a diagnostic on it and blamed the failure of the drone on me. they wanted $200 to fix the drone, just the exterior of it, i said i was not gonna pay for it. So after a month they sent the drone back to me, BROKEN! every time you call these people, you better be prepared to wait at least one hour on the phone, and when they answer, the don't speak the language and are not interested in helping. The customer service is a below standard, meaning terrible. I dealt a lot with time Warner cable and they are good compared to this people. Anyways, this is my story so far. Im gonna make a video with the truth about this drone so the company fixes it and other people don't have to go trough the same shit i just experienced. I'm buying another one so i can prove my point that this drone is not well designed. Hope you guys share my experience. Thanks.

  2. Hi interested in purchasing this drone, looks awesome. Would you please give your opinion in regards to the environmental wind condition and how safe it is for the mavic to fly in a windy condition? What is limitation on the wind condition? 10,20,30 mph wind? Would the mavic detect any wind condition making it unstable or dangerous risking fall damage when flying?

  3. Hi
    Just watched a few your videos and they are very interesting ,this one is very helpful . What program are you currently using for editing your videos ? Thanks , subscribed.

  4. Thanks, l have one, love its compactness, manourvabililty , learning all the time. Good report. But you never mentioned about calibration of the GPS before flight. Any reason for that. I thought it was essential to get better flying control and also the return home application.

  5. This drone sucks, when i first got, it wouldnt do anything. It only started working once i put the propellers in. THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROPELLERS INSTALLED.


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