DJI Mavic Pro | Review


Check out the Mavic Pro here: Austin and Alex review a production model of the brand new DJI Mavic Pro drone ahead of its release!


  1. I own a Yuneec Typhoon H and I REALLY wanted this one but when I got to try it I was very disappointed by how cheap it looks like in person, it feels fragile and not trustworthy.
    I am really disappointed since my first drone was a Phantom 3 and that one was just amazing.

  2. nor matter how long can drone industry survice due to the enhance of rules and restrictions set by current law, i want to say a great thanks to DJI for making so many people dreams comes through! With such an advance gadget that DJI has successfully promoted to the consumer market, now many people can fly and see the world in totally different angle! Some that a DSLR cannot give!

  3. sir i am frm india and i have no enough money to buy it but i am crzy about this thing if u have two mavic pro then can u give me this incredible thing
    ….. can u help… pls

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    +91is country code

  4. Sweet video guys! I have dreamed of a drone to follow my friends and I while riding dirt bikes.. I saw you on a quad, how would you rate for keeping up with an offroad vehicle like that? Also, how is it when it comes to obstacle avoidance? Is it really able to handle flying it somewhat tight spaces or should I just forget that idea haha I was thinking more along the lines of using it on the pipelines and other more wide open areas but there of course are still going to be obstacles there. Thanks dudes!!

  5. That stupid controller USB cable can't adapt to my stupid Oppo F1s! For those who want to buy Mavic I stronger suggest you not to use oppo mobile or otherwise you will encounter the same problem like me!

  6. The customers' service of DJI is quite progressing! I had a crash the first day I had the Mavic. DJI immediately took the transport in charge and in less than two weeks I had my drone back! Replacement of one arm and of the gimbal: only 35€! 😀

  7. Been looking at buying my first Drone. Looking at the Mavic for a few days and loved your review. I live in Newcastle England UK. AND I JUST LOVE WHERE YOU GUYS LIVE. Looks so nice, warm, sunny, spacious and I've always wanted to live in America!
    Anyway back to your review thanks and I think I will be saving a little bit longer so I can afford a Mavic Pro. Thanks

  8. Very cool video test…but…where's the indoor testing? I have some clients with large interiors (factories, gyms, etc) and would love to see how this does in indoor environments.

  9. thank you so much. Been thinking of getting one of these after having to sell my phantom 4 due to losing my job and was thinking of getting another 4 until I watched your review. Will definitely be getting a Mavic now 🙂

  10. Would you recommend the phantom 3 standard for a new flyer or should I leave for a better one, thought th 3 would be a cheaper starting point. Thanks

  11. Hello, I would like to buy a Dji Mavic Pro but I would like to achieve some information before adding it to my cart.
    1. How does the mavic’s camera work? Is there an auto-focus setting just as the phantom 4 or must the pilot tap to focus? If yes, what does “auto focus” mean? Does it mean that every time it would ruin the shot because of its re-focusing or does it mean it just focuses one time during takeoff?

    2. Is there a function that allows the user to set the home point, also known as the return to home point, in a map? This is because I would like to takeoff from my boat and would like it to land in a nearby little island if something happens, and not return to the boat, as it may have moved! If not, is there a solution to this problem?

    3. Is it possible hand takeoff and land the mavic?

    4. Does the mavic pro have some sort of protection from interference? Can antennas or other metal buildings flyaway the drone?

    5. Is the mavic pro’s camera quality “comparable” to the phantom 4’s one? What are the differences?

    6. What is the ideal shooting resolution for the mavic pro?

    7. Does the mavic pro have a barometer? How does it calculate height? Can it detect obstacles underneath him? Ex. Bushes, trees, cliffs, etc. How does it behave when it detects something beneath him? Does it increase altitude?

    8. How long does a mavic pro battery last until it gets ruined? Ex. 2 years, 6 months, etc. What is the ideal battery discharge time? Ex. 3 days, 10 days, etc.

    9. Is the mavic pro noisy during flight compared to other drones as the Parrot Bebop 2, phantom, etc?

    10. How does the mavic pro behave in populated areas such as big towns with interference? How about the range in Europe? How about hackers trying to get into the drone?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Can I sit on my couch inside and fly the drone around outside? what about in but next to an open door and goes behind a building, will connection stay without a direct line of sight?

  13. Phantom 4.. we really LOVE seeing those props in the video..  NOT!  C'mon guys, how much were you paid to say 'The Phantom 4 and the Mavic video are about the same'

  14. Thanks for using a number rating system with a full explanation for why it earned the paticular scores. Well done and informative…much appreciated.

  15. Thanks Guys for the awesome review…1st I was about to strike the deal with Karm 2017, then later streaming down came across Mavic Pro…This is really one of the awesome best drones created…9.20/10 by you Drone Master's makes it the best to buy.


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